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Is the show ‘Homestead Rescue’ a hoax? Read Testimonials and Reports from Former Cast Members.

Is the show ‘Homestead Rescue’ a hoax? Read Testimonials and Reports from Former Cast Members.

Reality television shows are frequently accused of being phony. For theatrical effect, they are known to embellish seemingly ordinary events into choreographed scenes.

Discovery Homestead Rescue, another Go show, has been criticized for being contrived. The show has been criticized for scripting situations and misrepresenting participants, which displays struggling homesteaders across the United States gaining the essential skills to live a solitary life.

But how reliable are these claims? For a better understanding, we’ll look at a few reports and testimony from those who have previously worked on the show.

‘Homestead Rescue’ is a reality show about surviving in the face of the elements.

The hit Discovery Channel reality series follows a family of three: Marty Raney, Misty Raney, and Matt Raney, as they teach struggling homesteaders across the country how to acquire the skills needed to survive in the wild.

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While the show tries to portray Marty as a simple homesteading expert, his IMDb bio, which he appears to have written himself, details his accomplishments as a mountain climber, singer, and musician.

The page goes on to list his appearances in episodes such as Climb Against the Odds (1999), An Idiot Abroad (2011), The High One (2011), Alaska: Spirit of the Wild (1998), Ultimate Survival Alaska (2013), and Expedition Unknown, in addition to Homestead Rescue (2020).

Misty is a farmer, while Matt is a hunter and fisherman, according to the show’s concept. They try their hardest, together with their father, to prepare future homesteaders to exploit nature to their advantage in the wilderness.

It is up to these volunteers to either stay with the Raneys for a year or leave and return to civilization.

Is the show ‘Homestead Rescue’ a hoax? Let’s Hear What Former Members of the Crew Have to Say

Some former program members have testified and even filed lawsuits against Homestead Rescue and its allegedly false concept, citing worries about inflating key aspects for dramatic effect.

Wren and Ini Give Their Take on the Situation

Wren and Ini, who were on the show in 2018, got the opportunity to work closely with the Raney family and the Homestead Rescue team.

In a January 2018 interview with the Ozark County Times, the couple stated that they were initially pleased to be a part of the show despite having no intention of appearing on television.

The Raneys assisted Wren and Ini with moldy leather surfaces in their yurt in the episode that aired on December 13, 2017, according to the reality show’s premise.

Homestead Rescue on the Discovery Channel Hasn’t Been Cancelled After All

While the Raneys were extremely helpful, Wren and Ini’s cabin was built by Sticks and Stones: Real Log Homes, a Missouri log company that didn’t make the cut.

Wren and I went on to explain a few topics that they believe were misrepresented in the show. The pair prefaced their experience by stating that it was a reality television show and that some things would naturally not make the final edit.

However, the pair stated that they had not used canola oil to fuel the chainsaw as was seen in one of the scenes in the episode.

Canola oil is a type of fuel that can be used to power equipment such as chainsaws instead of diesel.

Similarly, they claim that the log and cabin situation, which was depicted as a major issue in the episode, was not entirely accurate.

Kim and Josh’s lawsuit against ‘Homestead Rescue

Kim and Josh were two more people featured on Homestead Rescue, according to Distractify. In 2016 and 2017, they appeared on the first season of the show.

They were initially featured in the first season’s episode two when the Raney family traveled to Virginia to assist the couple with their farm.

They own Revolutionary Roots Farm and have been and continue to be successful entrepreneurs in their own right.

According to their testimony, the show was initially interested in having them as successful homesteaders on the show.

However, as the episode went on, they were portrayed as the ones in need of assistance, making them appear as if they didn’t know anything about farming.

This resulted in a distortion of Kim and Josh’s character and abilities, prompting the couple to sue the show for an improper portrayal of their life.

Homestead Rescue continues to screen on Discovery, despite the lawsuit’s potential ramifications for the show or the showrunners.