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Is the person Teddy Swims is dating now his ex-wife?

Is the person Teddy Swims is dating now his ex-wife?

Through his YouTube covers of classic songs by Marvin Gaye, Billie Eilish, and Shania Twain over the past few years, Teddy Swims, real name Jaten Dimsdale, has captured the affections of millions of people.

On his social media, the man with the soulful voice has a sizable follower base that even sends him marriage proposals. But the talented singer-songwriter is engaged for now.

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Relationship post- Valenti NE’s Day Exposure

The artist has never explicitly addressed his romantic status in the media, but his social media accounts reveal a lot about it. He has been seeing Nelly, a lady.

On Valentine’s Day 2020, Swims spoke out about his romance. On Instagram, he posted a slideshow of two images of himself and his sweetheart with the caption, “Learning every day that home isn’t a place, Happy Valentine’s Day.”

In return, his partner posted a touching caption along with the photo on Instagram. I have adored you for such a long time, and to be completely honest, I can’t recall ever not loving you.

I adore you, my queen,” the adoring boyfriend wrote in the comment section of the post.

People who were pleased for the couple and wished them a long voyage together filled the comment section of the post above. Congratulations! I didn’t know you were married, but I’m so happy for you, read one remark. Another user enquired as to whether she was his girlfriend, to which Teddy responded, “Yes!”

On top of that, Nelly celebrated his 28th birthday by uploading a number of images and films, which have since been deleted. She referred to him as her best buddy in the caption, someone who makes her days joyful and comedic.

Is Nelly the Ex-Wife He Ignored?

Swims tweeted in October 2016 that his wife had abandoned him a month earlier and that he was now living alone.

The exciting aspect is that in January 2020, his girlfriend Nelly tweeted that they had been dating for ten years. By comparing the two tweets, it is possible to assume that the pair were married and that they had reconciled after a difficult period in their relationship.

Nelly also talked about how fate gave them a second opportunity and how they were fortunate to be drawn to one another at the right time in their lives, demonstrating that they had patched up their relationship in the past.

Fans Want the Singer to Wed them

Swims’ enchanting voice appears to have won the affections of his supporters. They are smitten by his music as well as his bearded appearance. The performer has reportedly received a number of marriage proposals on Twitter and Instagram.

While some fans commented on his Instagram pictures asking him to marry them, one of his fans tweeted, “Teddy Swims, I’m gonna marry this man.” He is currently engaged, so it would have been fascinating to see his reactions to it.