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Is Taylor Momsen dating anyone? Personal and Professional Life of the ‘Gossip Girl’ Star

Is Taylor Momsen dating anyone? Personal and Professional Life of the ‘Gossip Girl’ Star

Taylor Michel Momsen, better known by her stage name Taylor Momsen, is an American singer and songwriter best known as the frontwoman of the rock band The Pretty Reckless.

She and her band released a new album, Death by Rock and Roll, on February 12, 2021, as a memorial to the close friends and family members she had lost in the previous several years.

Momsen spoke with People the same month to promote the album, and she said she was used to being alone.

Her statement hit the news, leading many to believe she had been single and without a boyfriend for quite some time.

Momsen is rumored to be single right now.

Her admirers were correct about her current relationship status. The vocalist of “Make Me Wanna Die” is rumored to be single.

Momsen hasn’t opened up or disclosed anything about her dating life on social media in recent years.

But when she declared in an interview with People, “I’m used to being alone, and I’m fine with it,” it was clear that she was not looking for a relationship.

Instead, she talked about her friendship with her band members and the value of music, implying that she is serious about her music profession.

There isn’t enough time to find a boyfriend.

In January 2010, Page Six magazine published a story about a celebrity spy who said that Momsen was solely focused on music.

The spy stated, “All Taylor is doing is writing and recording songs for her album.”

Her desire to achieve greater heights, according to the report, was keeping her away from relationships and men.

When queried about it later by the magazine, the Gossip Girl actress said, “No, I don’t have a valentine.” “I believe my valentine is my mother because we have Valentine’s Day tradition of making sugar cookies together.”

Associated with a Few Celebrities in a Romantic Way

Despite Momsen’s silence on the subject of her personal life, fans and certain internet outlets have romantically linked her to a number of celebrities.

In 2008, she was said to have dated British actor Skandar Keynes, who played Edmund Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia film series. However, the relationship was never established.

She was also linked to her Gossip Girl co-star Chance Crawford in the same year. However, the actor’s representative later denied the relationship.

In 2010, she had a brief relationship with British musician Natt Weller.

In October of 2010, Momsen was linked to another British actor, Jack Osbourne. Her rumored relationship with God Blesses Ozzy Osbourne went unmentioned, as it had in the past.

Her most recent album debuted at the top of Billboard’s Top Album Sales Chart.

Her commitment to her profession has yielded excellent outcomes over the years. Her band’s most recent album, Death by Rock and Roll, recently topped Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart.

According to a Billboard article from February 23, 2021, the album debuted at number one, becoming the act’s third top ten and first number one on the chart.

According to the report, the album sold 16,000 copies in the United States in one week across all formats, including CD, vinyl LP, cassette, and digital download.