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Is Sung Kang’s Wife Miki Yim An Actress As Well? Any Children Together?

Is Sung Kang’s Wife Miki Yim An Actress As Well? Any Children Together?

Sung-Ho Kang is an American producer and actor who is frequently confused with Korean golfer Kang Sung-hoon. He is well known for his portrayal of Han Lue in the Fast & Furious franchise’s five flicks. It was also Kang’s debut role in the American crime drama film Better Luck Tomorrow, which he played in 2002. In addition, Kang is well-known for his roles in films such as War, Forbidden Warrior, and Bullet to the Head.

Sung Kang, the gorgeous and dashing actor, is married. Kang is married to South Korean-born Miki Yim, who was born to a Korean mother and reared by her and his African-American stepfather. Be familiar with Sung Kang’s wife, Miki Yim, and see if she, like her husband, works in the performing industry. Take a peek at their relationship as well as their children.

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Miki Yim, Sung Kang’s wife, is a fashion designer.

Many people assume Miki Yim is an actress because she is the wife of world-renowned actor Sung Kang. Miki Yim, Sung Kang’s beau, nevertheless, is a fashion designer. Miki worked as the General Manager of the prominent apparel and accessory firm Prada Group for several years, according to several web sources. She joined Prada in 2013 and resigned after four years in 2018, according to her Linkedin page.

Miki Yim, Sung Kang’s wife, worked for a few multinational companies before joining Prada, including La Perla and SEPHORA. She worked as a La Perla shop manager for four months when the brand’s new location in Honolulu, Hawaii opened. From 2010 through 2013, Yim worked as an assistant manager at SEPHORA.

Miki Yim, a Meiji Gakuin University graduate, worked in customer service for JTB Hawaii from 1991 until 1995. She has also worked as a Sales Associate for CHANEL and as a Supervisor and Product Specialist for Louis Vuitton. From 2004 to 2009, Yim worked at Celine Inc. as a manager. Her current occupation after leaving Prada, however, is not listed on the internet. Miki’s present job, we hope, pays her well enough.

Since 2014, I’ve been married to Sung Kang.

Actor Sung Kang, like many other celebrities, keeps a low profile when it comes to his personal life, including his marriage to Miki Yim. Despite this, the media dug into his personal life and discovered his marital status. According to reports, Sung Kang married his long-time girlfriend Miki Yim on July 8, 2014. Their wedding was held in a private setting with only a handful of their closest friends and family members in attendance.

Miki Yim, Sung Kang’s future wife, first met him in Koreatown Karaoke in 1992, when Kang had yet to make his American acting debut. Kang and Yim were both in college when they met. The couple dated for nearly a decade before deciding to marry in 2014.

Despite the fact that Miki Yim and Sung Kang have been together for over two decades, they do not appear to have any children to yet. Sung Kang and his wife, Miki, rarely talk about their private lives in the public. So it’s likely that they have a couple of children and choose to keep them hidden from prying eyes in the media. Sung Kang and Miki Yim, a husband-wife duo, are currently living a lovely and secret existence in Los Angeles, California.

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