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Is Richard Harmon a lesbian or gay man? His Instagram Account Appears To Suggest He Isn’t

Is Richard Harmon a lesbian or gay man? His Instagram Account Appears To Suggest He Isn’t

Richard Harmon is best known for his role in the CW TV series 100 as John Murphy. While the show grew the young actor’s already large fan base, it also caused a great deal of misunderstanding.

Harmon’s character Murphy in the post-apocalyptic thriller is pansexual, prompting the question, “Is Richard Harmon gay?”

Furthermore, Harmon’s extravagant behavior throughout the press tour promoting the event did not help the viewers’ bewilderment. Harmon and his co-star Bob Morley, who plays Bellamy Blake in the show, might even pass for a doting couple on some of the tour’s legs.

But, in the big scheme of things, this consternation is actually a tribute to Harmon’s acting prowess, as he has been in a committed relationship for well over two years.

There’s a Girlfriend for Richard Harmon

With heartfelt apologies to the people who are interested in this outstanding actor, evidence on Instagram reveals that he has been dating Rhiannon Fish since 2019.

Harmon and his girlfriend made their first appearance on social media on February 24, 2019. Harmon was seen sipping his drink awkwardly as his 100 co-stars Luisa d’Oliveira was happily conversing with Fish in the photo.

Harmon described the moment as “a fictional boyfriend’s worst nightmare” in the post. His on-screen love affair appeared to be conversing with his off-screen love interest. As a result, the remark appeared appropriate.

On his girlfriend’s Instagram, Richard Harmon appears to be ‘cute.’

Harmon made his first appearance on his girlfriend’s Instagram account on April 22, 2019, when Fish posted a photo of the two with the comment “Cute.”

Harmon rested his head on his girlfriend’s shoulders in the monochromatic photograph, and the two appeared to be lost in their own world.

The candid shot was taken against a grainy leather-like surface and perfectly matched Fish’s caption.

If these posts aren’t enough to persuade you that the two of them have been dating, check out the actor’s Valentine’s Day 2020 proclamation of love to his girlfriend.

Check it out for yourself.

Richard Harmon marked his one-year anniversary of being in love.

However, based on an educated guess, it’s possible that Harmon and his imaginary partner weren’t dating at the time he spoke about his difficulty.

Harmon posted a remarkable update on his Instagram on March 30, 2020. He uploaded a picture of himself kissing his girlfriend. The actor was holding his pint of beer as the couple sat at what appeared to be an outdoor café.

For the moment, however, he put the beer down and leaned against his lady love. Yes, the caption was brief. Even so, it managed to say a lot. The digit one, a clock emoji, and a heart emoji were all included in the caption.

We took the liberty of translating emoji to English, which amounted to the pair celebrating one year of love, which is consistent with the rest of the breadcrumb trail provided for admirers to decipher. While we don’t know if the two will go the extra mile and change their relationship status to man and wife, we do know that they appear to be having the time of their lives together right now.