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Is Paige Married to Ronnie Radke? An Inside Look at His Personal Life

Is Paige Married to Ronnie Radke? An Inside Look at His Personal Life

The former WWE superstar Saraya Bevis, now known as Paige, and Ronnie Radke have been together for the better part of the previous three years, and the two have been open about promoting their relationship on social media.

The duo frequently displays their affection for one another in Instagram pictures. He was engaged to the model Crissy Henderson, the mother of his daughter before he started seeing the former WWE superstar.

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Paige Showed Off Her Boyfriend on Instagram

On July 7, 2021, Paige published a picture of her boyfriend in black and white on Instagram. The rocker’s flowing hair was parted to the side and some of it was tucked behind his ear when the image was taken, revealing his cross earring.

Along with the picture of Radke looking dapper in a denim jacket, his girlfriend said that she felt lucky to have spent almost three years with him.

The timeframe is suitable for Cosmopolitan’s claim from late 2018 stating that Radke and Paige have been dating.

Ronnie Radke Celebrates the Birthday of His Girlfriend

When it comes to showcasing his gorgeous girl on social media, Radke isn’t any less of a showoff. The rocker celebrated Paige’s birthday by posting a message of love on Instagram on August 18, 2021.

The article included a slideshow of three pictures, each of which showcased memorable interactions with Paige. The first image in the sequence showed Paige hunched over in front of a wall that held her birthday decorations.

The handsome duo was captured in a casual time together in the following monochromatic photo. The ex-wrestler extended her hand to her lover as he posed in a diva manner.

The last slide had a picture of the couple dressed up in the back, perhaps for Halloween. For this one, the pair even wore complementary red shoes, and a row of precisely orange pumpkins set the mood.

Ronnie Radke’s musical barometer is Paige

Radke cherished his partner, whom he described as his musical barometer, in the description. He mentioned that he could play some of his music for her and that he could tell whether the tune was finished or still needed improvement by observing her response.

He said that the last four songs he published may be directly thanked by his audience. He concluded his birthday greeting by expressing his utmost pride in her. Of course, the message would not have been complete without an accompanying “I love you.”

To show her appreciation, Paige slid into the comments area. She reiterated that she was the happiest girl in the world and that the rocker made every day fantastic.

Regarding the query from fans, “Is Paige Ronnie Radke’s wife?” Sadly, the answer is no.

Despite being in a picture-perfect relationship for almost three years, there has been no word on when the couple plans to switch their relationship status from boyfriend-girlfriend to husband-and-wife.