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Is Nolan Gould Defying Gay Stereotypes? Dating and Girlfriends of a Modern Family Star

Is Nolan Gould Defying Gay Stereotypes? Dating and Girlfriends of a Modern Family Star

Nolan Gould, an American teen actor, isn’t just a lovely face; he’s also a gentleman who enjoys cooking for his dates. When it came to gentlemen, he understood how to dress the part. That’s how he showed up for a red carpet event with someone important!!

The American actor, who was born in New York, is best known for his role as Luke Dunphy in ABC’s comedy series Modern Family. He plays Luke, a dimwitted character, as the youngest member of the well-loved Dunphy family, whose parents are the legendary married couple of Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen), and whose on-screen sisters are Alex (Ariel Winter) and Haley (Ariel Winter) (Sarah Hyland).

Season 9 of ABC’s Modern Family, starring Nolan Gould, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, Ty Burell, and others, is now available to watch. (Originally published on April 17, 2018)

The longest-running comedy on ABC completed its ninth season on May 16, 2018, and was renewed for a tenth season. However, there are rumors that this will be the series’ final season.

Short Bio (Age) of Nolan Gould: Parents, Actor

Nolan Gould was born on October 28, 1998, to Angela and Edwin Gould.

Due to his father’s military profession, he and his parents moved to Phenix City, Alabama shortly after his birth. The Gould family moved to California when he was five years old.

Aidan Gould, his older brother, is also a performer.

Gould enjoys playing the double bass and the banjo, and he has performed on Modern Family.

Despite his nerdy appearance on Modern Family, Nolan has an IQ of 150 and is a member of Mensa, the world’s largest and oldest high IQ society.

He graduated from high school in 2012, at the age of 13, after passing the General Educational Development (GED) test.

Gould Started Acting at the Age of Three, and His Net Worth Has Been Revealed!

The young actor has a net worth of $9 million, which is three times that of his Modern Family co-star, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who has had a successful acting career. He currently gets around $75,000 every episode on Modern Family.

Nolan began his acting career as a commercial actor at the age of three.

Nolan Gould’s ‘Awful Dinner’ Dating Experience; America’s Worst Cooks

Despite being a real-life genius, Nolan demonstrated that he, like his character Luke, was clumsy.

The actor revealed his dating skills in an interview with US Magazine on April 25, 2018. He admitted that he once wrecked a nice dinner date by overcooking spaghetti and burned it. “, he explained.

Ironically, the actor will appear on the new season of Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition as a result of his confession!

In Logic’s LGBT-themed music video, Nolan Gould plays a gay character (2018)

In rapper Logic’s uplifting pro-LGBTQ music video, 1-800-273-8255, Nolan Gould and fellow actor Coy Stewart played homosexual teen boyfriends.

The plot revolves around a gay, black teenager (Stewart) who nearly commits suicide after his family and friends discover that he is gay and dating a white man (played by Gould).

The two on-screen gay actors are caught together in bed in the video. Then Stewart’s character is bullied, followed by his issues with coming to grips with his sexuality, to the point where he almost kills himself with a gun.

Nolan and Coy discussed the strong LGBTQ message, suicide awareness theme, and the music video’s goals with TooFab shortly after the video’s premiere.

The stars in the film sought to provide a reassuring message in an age where suicide rates are on the rise owing to a variety of circumstances.

“I love her, but she’s a really nice friend,” Nolan Gould says of co-star Ariel Winter.

Despite the fact that Ariel portrays Luke’s sister on Modern Family, the two were once cast together. Furthermore, Gould was questioned about the potential of the two dating at some point.

In May 2016, the three discussed a variety of issues on the Allegedly podcast with Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss, including the teen actor’s dating life. When asked about Ariel Winter, his co-star, he remarked,

Gould clarified, adding that he didn’t want to jeopardize his friendship with her. He also revealed that despite being his on-screen family, he couldn’t imagine himself dating any of his co-stars, no matter how attractive they were, because they’ve evolved into a true family for him.

Is Joey King still dating Nolan Gould?

Joey King, an American actress, has been a longstanding friend of Nolan’s. However, the pair were said to be dating at one point, namely in 2016; she is also the young actor’s first known girlfriend.

At the 2016 SAG Awards Red Carpet, Gould was joined by his then-girlfriend, King. As they posed together, beaming at one other, the lovely lovebirds made a great arrival.

The pair’s connection as well as their penchant for messing around on the red carpet has been on display before; the best friends previously won hearts together at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards.

The former girlfriend-boyfriend couple, who were rumored to be in it for the long haul, haven’t been spotted together since then. As a result, beyond their bond as best friends, their relationship’s fate remains undetermined!