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Is Nick Dana still dating Chelsea Meissner? Details on the Love Life of the “Southern Charm” Star

Is Nick Dana still dating Chelsea Meissner? Details on the Love Life of the “Southern Charm” Star

In an interview with The Daily Dish in July 2018, Chelsea Meissner acknowledged her relationship with professional sailor Nick Dana.

Since the announcement, the reality TV star has periodically posted pictures of her romantic outings on social media. They frequently appeared together when sailing, surfing, and fishing.

Meissner and Dana last posted a photo together in January 2020, when they were enjoying a special trip to El Salvador.

“Well-spent holiday on El Salvador’s stunning shore. For your upcoming family vacation or surf trip, I heartily recommend @lasfloresresort,” the Southern Charm star said in the caption of her picture.

It has been more than 1.5 years since the previous update.

Fans of the endearing couple were left to question if the couple was still together due to the time-lapse.

Long-Term Privacy Pose Relationship Issues for Chelsea Meissner

Meissner has previously avoided discussing her relationship with Dana.

She didn’t frequently post updates about her love life on social media, although she would occasionally do so.

In reality, since her final Instagram post with Dana in January 2020, she has only published 9 posts.

Despite this, people continue to wonder if they are still a couple.

Distractify, among other websites, stated the two might have broken up due to their distance relationship.

“I do have a boyfriend, and everything is good…

Because he is a professional sailor, he travels frequently. I’ll just say that he’s been away a lot.” Meissner stated in a 2018 Bravo video.

However, it is still risky to draw any conclusions about their relationship despite the reports of their breakup and long-standing secrecy over it.

Austen Kroll, a cast member of “Southern Charm,” dated Chelsea Meissner.

Meissner dated Austen Kroll, a castmate on the television show Southern Charm, before beginning her romance with the 35-year-old Volvo Ocean racer.

After she joined the third season of Southern Charm, their relationship with Kroll began.

In the episode, Kroll and Shep Rose were the first two men to exhibit interest in her. But in the end, she went with Kroll.

However, the partnership was only able to last for two seasons of the reality show. When the two realized they were in quite different stages of life, they decided to part ways.

In an interview with The Daily Dish in June 2018, Meissner claimed, “Austen and I have gotten closer throughout the past two seasons. And I simply believe that since he began dating one of my friends, it has been difficult for us both to sort of withdrawing from one another’s life.

Chelsea Meissner Made a Respectable Amount of Money through Her Various Jobs.

Meissner has participated in a number of reality shows. In May 2020, she revealed that she would be departing Southern Charm. This includes her participation in season 24 of Survivor, where she came in second place.

She is also a talented hairstylist. She works at the Willow salon in Charleston and hopes to one day launch her own business.

Meissner has benefited from all of these factors to amass a respectable net worth. According to Slice, her current net worth is $1.5 million.