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Is Luis Miguel’s father responsible for his mother’s death? What Happened, Exactly?

Is Luis Miguel’s father responsible for his mother’s death? What Happened, Exactly?

Luis Miguel is the most popular and successful musician in Latin American history, having sold over 60 million records.

Regardless, he is still embroiled in a tragic scandal involving his missing mother, Marcela Basteri.

Millions of people have talked about him and written books about his search for his missing mother.

Marcela’s disappearance has sparked many speculations as a result of the debate. The mystery, however, remains unresolved.

Miguel and his missing mother have sparked such a fascination that a TV show has been created to tell the story.

The musical biographical series Luis Miguel: The Series, which captured the behind-the-scenes life of the Mexican pop icon, premiered on Netflix on April 18, 2018. The Mexican singer’s hunt for his lost mother was a major plot point in the series.

Fans tuned in to learn the answers to queries such as, “What happened to Luis Miguel’s mother?”

Is Luis Miguel still looking for his mother?

Marcela’s Unexpected Departure

According to Distractify, the Latin-American artist had a tight relationship with his mother. She is said to be the one who gave him the nickname El Sol de México.

Miguel’s mother vanished from his life 34 years ago, and no one knows where she is or whether she is still alive. The singer last saw his mother in 1985 at a performance in Argentina’s Luna Park.

Marcela Basteri’s disappearance has sparked a number of ideas.

Marcela fled away with her Italian boyfriend, according to her husband, Luis Gallego Sánchez, commonly known as Luis Rey, who last saw her.

Rey killed his wife for money, according to the second and most common theory, which Andrés Garca confirmed.

During an appearance on Venga la Alegra, a Mexican entertainment show, Garcia said that Rey had requested him to assist him to eliminate Marcela in 1986 so that he could have complete control over his son’s assets.

According to other sources, Rey used Marcela’s identity to disguise his connections to various criminal businesses that he created using Miguel’s money. All of this money would be his if something happened to his wife.

Garcia also stated that the conniving husband drowned his wife in a pool, according to Rey’s sister-in-law. These assertions and allegations, however, have yet to be substantiated.

The Death of Luis Rey

Marcela’s disappearance has sparked numerous ideas, but Miguel’s father, Luis Rey, died in a mysterious manner for which no one knows the cause.

Rey passed away in Barcelona on December 9, 1992, from pneumonia. Some claim, however, that the singer was suffering from a different ailment.

According to Javier León’s biography of Miguel, his father led a life full of drugs, alcohol, and personal meetings with several women.

His lifestyle harmed his health, and when he was admitted to the hospital, he was diagnosed with AIDS.

We’re left to question what happened to Miguel’s parents in the first place.