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Is Justina Valentine a homosexual? Take a look at her on-air antics that are fueling the rumors.

Is Justina Valentine a homosexual? Take a look at her on-air antics that are fueling the rumors.

Justina Valentine is a rapper, singer, and model who has been a part of Wild ‘N Out since 2016.

The rapper, who has hit singles including “Unbelievable” and “Candy Land,” is also a successful TV host. Her previous hosting credits include The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, Jersey Shore, How Far Is Tattoo Far?, and Basic to Bougie.

She did, however, begin her reality television career with Wild ‘N Out. Nick Cannon produced the show for MTV, and it premiered in 2005.

The show is an improv comedic game show in which the cast members participate in games such as Big Ol’ Booty, Diss Side Dat Side, Step Your Game Up, and Back Seat of My Ride.

While playing games on the show, many viewers have seen Valentina’s chemistry with a variety of men and women. Many people have speculated that Valentina is gay or bisexual as a result of this.

Is Justina Valentine a homosexual?

Valentine’s sexuality has never been clearly stated, therefore we don’t know if she’s gay or not. She has, however, had affairs with co-stars on the show Wild ‘N Out.

Valentine, for example, has kissed a couple of women on the show, fueling the rumors even more. She made a move on Sommer Ray in the second episode of Season 10 as an example.

To win the game of Let Me Holla, the teams had to flirt with Ray. While the rest of the ensemble was simply flirting to establish who had the better punchline, Valentine went a step further.

Before kissing Ray on the mouth, she delivered a punchline, “We all adore hockey, ice hockey, roller hockey, and tonsil hockey.” Erica Mena of Love & Hip Hop fame has also been kissed by the singer.

The cast had to get the folks sitting down to spit water out of their mouths while playing Talking Spit in Season 10, Episode 18. When it was Valentine’s turn, she claimed Mena enjoyed “chicks” and that she liked them occasionally as well.

Then she got on Mena’s lap and kissed her, saying, “So while you’re here, I’m just going to shoot my shot pretty quick.” People have speculated that the singer is gay, or at the very least bisexual, as a result of these occurrences.

We won’t know for sure unless Valentine says so herself.

Is Justina Valentine Dating Someone She Shouldn’t Be?

Since 2013, Conceited has been a part of the Wild ‘N Outcast. Fans have speculated that he and Valentine are dating because they flirt a lot while playing games on the show.

They’ve joked about sleeping with each other, but until the couple declares their relationship, everything is speculation.