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Is Josh Kelly still dating Bethany Joy Lenz? An In-Depth Examination of Her Personal Life

Is Josh Kelly still dating Bethany Joy Lenz? An In-Depth Examination of Her Personal Life

Is Bethany still alive? Still DatiBethany, Joy Lenz Beginning in 2003, Joy Lenz rose to fame as Haley James Scott in the enormously famous drama One Tree Hill. She was a series regular for nearly a decade. She had an on-screen romance with actor James Lafferty for the duration of her stay on the show.

In One Tree Hill, Lenz’s love tale succeeds, as her and Lafferty’s characters marry and have two children by the series’ conclusion. Fans of the show were so taken with their on-screen connection that they were jointly dubbed Naley after combining the names Nathan and Haley.

Lenz did not have the same level of success in real life, as she divorced her husband, Michael Galeotti, in 2013. Her previous husband and she have a daughter together.

Lenz has moved on from Galeotti and is now seeing Josh Kelly, who she met on the set of UnReal. After attending Equality Now’s 4th annual Make Equality Reality Gala in Beverly Hills on December 3, 2018, news of the two dating broke.

According to Us Weekly, multiple eyewitnesses corroborated to the two actors’ closeness, that Lenz and Kelly had been covertly dating for at least six months.

Kelly and Lenz had worked together in E2014 !’s musical drama Songbyrd, and they had known one other since 2013. He had previously sent a tweet calling Lenz and Songbyrd’s producer Krista Vernoff “rad” after working on the drama’s pilot together.

Husband and Daughter of Bethany Joy Lenz

On December 31, 2005, Lenz and her ex-husband, Galeotti, married. After six years of marriage, the actress took to her blog to share the wonderful news that she and her husband had welcomed a baby girl named Maria into their family.

However, Lenz resumed using her maiden name within a year after having a mother. The One Tree Hill actress explained why in another post on her website.

Despite the fact that the actress keeps her personal life private and has never divulged the cause for her divorce from her ex-husband, she frequently discusses parts of her life with her daughter.

James Lafferty’s Co-Star Bethany Joy Lenz

Lenz was paired with Lafferty for the length of her stay on One Tree Hill. Because the two were so in love for so much of the show’s production, the actress has admitted to having romantic dreams about her co-star.

Because the two spent so much time together, Lenz felt it was going to happen. She also stated that she and Lafferty never got together when the cameras were not rolling, which she believes contributed to their long-lasting on-screen chemistry. g Do you know who Josh Kelly is? An In-Depth Examination of Her Personal Life