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Is Joan Baez’s Son Gabriel Harris Married? Relationship, Career And More

Is Joan Baez’s Son Gabriel Harris Married? Relationship, Career And More

Joan Baez and David Harris were once a strong couple in the music world. They married on March 26, 1968, at St. Clement’s Episcopal Church in New York. When Baez and Harris decided to marry, they had only known each other for about three months, and the New York Times dubbed it the “Wedding of the Century” at one point.

As a result of their marriage, David Harris and Joan Baez produced a son named Gabriel Harris. They welcomed their first kid on December 2, 1969. Furthermore, David and Joan shared joint custody of their child following their divorce and remained friends. Joan and David’s marriage, career, and even time spent in prison together have all been documented.

But, for now, let’s concentrate on Joan Baez’s son, Gabriel Harris, and his current whereabouts.

Joan Baez’s son, Gabriel Harris, is a drummer.

Gabriel Harris has been surrounded by music from birth. As a result, it’s only natural for him to be captivated by the world of music. He has dedicated himself to understanding the secrets of drumming since meeting great drummer Babatunde Olatunji in the 1980s.

According to Rhythm Village, Gabriel was inspired to travel to West and South Africa to learn traditional songs from outstanding drummers and griots.

In the 1990s, Gabriel launched the Naamu Groove Ensemble and performed and recorded with Collage of I, a unique world fusion ensemble.

Joan Baez’s son Gabriel Harris formed Rhythm Village, which produced African fusion music and dance. He’s also given immersive workshops for a number of companies, including PIXAR, Kaiser Permanente, and Cisco Systems.

Gabriel formed Rhythm Village and toured with his mother as well. He’s performed alongside The Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart, Babatunde Olatunji, and others on stage.

Marianne Aya Omac and Malima Kone from Burkina Faso, as well as Les Harmonies, cooperated with Harris. As a result, Joan Baez’s son, Gabriel, is establishing himself as a musician. Harris, on the other hand, is a happily married man with a lovely daughter.

Gabriel Harris’s wife is Pamela Harris.

Aforementioned, Joan and Harris’ son, Gabriel, is a musician as well as the CEO of Rhythm Village. Most parts of his life, including his marriage to Pamela, his longstanding companion, are kept hidden.

Gabriel Harris and his wife, Pamela Jankelow, are still blissfully married despite the fact that their wedding was kept clandestine.

Joan Baez’s son, Gabriel Harris, is married to Pamela. The photo was taken from Pamela Jankelow’s Facebook page.

Pamela Harris, Garbriel Harris’ wife, despises being in the spotlight. As a result, there is no way for us to learn more about her. Jankelow’s Facebook profile, on the other hand, demonstrates that she is a free spirit.

Pamela, Harris’s wife, is also a social butterfly who adores adventure. She must be having a blast dancing, traveling, concentrating on her career, and living life to the fullest. Maybe that’s why Pamela looks so young, even though she’s the mother of an adolescent daughter.

The Kennedy Center has honored Harris’ mother, Joan Baez.

On January 13, 2021, just a few days after Gabriel Harris’ mother, Joan Baez, turned 80, it was disclosed to the public that she will receive the 2020 Kennedy Center Honor in a ceremony. It was, however, postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, in June of that year, the pre-recorded ceremony aired on Paramount+ and CBS.

Joan Baez was honored alongside Debbie Allen, Dick Van Dyke, Midori, and Garth Brooks, among others, during the 43rd annual national celebration of the arts.

Gabriel Harris’s daughter, Jasmine Harris, is close to her grandmother.

Gabriel Harris, Joan Baez’s only child, is a married man with a child, as previously indicated. Jasmine “Jazzy” Harris, his daughter, was born to him and his wife, Pamela.

Gabriel Harris’s daughter and Joan Baez’s granddaughter, Jasmine Harris, is a lovely young lady who has already delved into the world of music.

Jasmine refers to Joan as ‘abuela,’ according to SF Gate, because she won’t allow her call her Grandma. They also like playing together and have performed together on several occasions.

Jasmine has a close bond with her parents, who consider her a sensitive child.

The three-person family and their four-legged family are currently live in California. As a result, let’s hope Gabriel Harris, Joan Baez’s son, continues to enjoy his musical career and is healthy in the future.

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