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Is Jay Ryan’s Longtime Partner Married? She has a daughter together.

Is Jay Ryan’s Longtime Partner Married? She has a daughter together.

Between 2002 and 2005, New Zealand actor Jay Ryan has noted for his charismatic portrayal of Jack Sully in the Australian soap drama Neighbors. In addition to Go Girls, Beauty & the Beast, Top of the Lake, Fighting Season, and Mary Kills People, the 39-year-old actor has starred in a number of other television episodes.

In 2019, he made his feature film debut in It Chapter Two, a sequel to the 2017 horror thriller It, in which he played adult Ben Hanscom.

Ryan is a family man who enjoys his personal life with his longstanding partner and daughter, in addition to being a skilled actor.

Ryan and his longtime partner are happily married.

Ryan has been happily married to Dianna Fuemana, a Canadian-New Zealand writer and director, for over a decade.

The couple’s marital status is unknown because they choose to keep their personal lives private. If that’s the case, other data like their wedding date and relationship chronology will be kept hidden as well.

However, Ryan and Fuemana are said to have been dating since the early 2000s. Ryan was nominated for Most Popular New Male Talent for his part in the TV show Neighbours, and the couple attended the Logie Awards together in 2003.

In 2009, the two collaborated on a one-person theatre production called The Packer. Fuemana wrote the play, and Jay Ryan played the role of a single performer.

The Fighting Season actor most recently took to Instagram on April 23, 2021, to wish Fuemana a happy birthday and share a photo with her.

He complimented her for her commitment to their family through the caption.

He also implied that the couple will be celebrating by taking a road trip.

In 2013, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter.

In March 2013, Ryan and Fuemana had their first child, a baby girl called Eve.

However, due to their private nature, the couple broke the news four months after their daughter’s birth during a talk with TV Week Australia at the San Diego Comic-Con.

“We’ve kept everything relatively private until now,” the actor remarked, “but it’s changed my life and put a lot of things in perspective.”

Ryan went on to say that he had not anticipated being a parent at that age, but that once the baby was born, he learned the value of family.

The actor shared a photo with his daughter on Instagram in December 2019.

He greeted everyone with a Happy New Year in the post and expressed his excitement for his New Year’s Eve party with his Kiwi family.

Ryan and his real-life girlfriend Kristen Kreuk had great chemistry.

In the Canadian-American television series Beauty and the Beast, Ryan and Canadian actress Kristen Kreuk had fantastic on-screen chemistry.

Ryan and Kreuk were cast opposite each other in the series as Vincent Keller and Catherine Chandler, respectively.

Fans all over the world admired their intense and surreal acting abilities.

The couple has also been linked romantically in real life as a result of their on-screen chemistry.