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Is Jason Diaz a homosexual? A TikTok sensation is on a mission to debunk stereotypes.

Is Jason Diaz a homosexual? A TikTok sensation is on a mission to debunk stereotypes.

Jason Diaz is ecstatic after landing a possible Disney debut role.

On November 21, the TikTok star released a video announcing his casting as a lead in one of Disney’s upcoming live-action films.

“I saved this sound in my drafts last week because of all the hype,” Diaz wrote in the video, which featured iANO’s suspenseful song “TIME IN OBLIVION.”

“”I awoke to a call from my manager saying that DISNEY had booked ME to play a lead in one of the live-action movies,” he added before writing. And you’ll NEVER BE ABLE TO PREDICT WHAT ROLE IT WILL PLAY.”

“I don’t know how to feel,” he wrote in the caption to express his happiness.

The Announcement Video of Jason Diaz Has Gone Viral

Diaz’s TikTok video quickly went viral after he confirmed his Disney role. The video was also saved, shared, and recorded on other social media sites.

The video has over 8.8 million views, one million likes, and over 15,000 comments as of this writing.

A fan speculated, “I can see you playing four roles: Aladdin, Jafar, Scar, and Tarzan.”

“Say Tarzan, please,” someone else added, “because we need a Disney Tarzan live-action film.”

Someone congratulated, “Whatever your role is, CONGRATULATIONS!!!”

On the internet, too, there are rumors about him being gay!

Apart from the celebratory words left on his viral video, Diaz’s fans have been questioning his sexuality in other videos and asking if he is gay. As a result of his words, allegations that he is gay have been circulating online.

Many of his admirers praised his video, and he responded to a few of them. In response to a follower who remarked, “Bisexual males are everything,” he responded, “thank you.”

Another highly regarded fan favorite, “I dated a bi guy and it was incredible! 10/10!”

“I’m not going to let them sleep on me…

I’m just not able to locate them in my current location “a funny remark was made.

Jason Diaz, who is he?

Diaz is a model, musician, and aspiring actor who is best known for his upbeat Omegle conversation videos. On his social media, he frequently publishes videos of strangers conversing.

Despite the fact that his age is unclear, he recently celebrated his birthday on October 26 and said on Instagram that it was the happiest birthday of his life.

“I had the best birthday of my LIFE this weekend, it was beyond my dreams,” he wrote in the caption. “To think this is only the beginning is amazing, but I can’t wait for us to make a difference in the world together,” he added.

To pursue his aspirations, he reportedly relocated to Los Angeles.

After his 14-year-old dog went away, Diaz started filming TikTok videos. He acknowledged to using the platform to get himself back on track in one of his videos.

He then related personal accounts of prejudice and bullying that he has encountered. Following that, he amassed a sizable social media following and has since enjoyed creating material.