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Is it possible that Jason Derulo is gay? Taking a Look at the Internet Rumor Mill

Is it possible that Jason Derulo is gay? Taking a Look at the Internet Rumor Mill

Jason Derulo, like many others in the industry, has been the target of LGBT rumors.

It’s difficult to track down rumors on the internet, but it appears that the rumors come from two prominent sources: a gossip blog and a fan forum.

Announcement of Internet Rumors

Jason Derulo was a lesbian.

Lipstick Alley, an internet gossip site, was the first to publish an article alleging that Derulo was gay, along with a slew of comments proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Derulo was gay, if not bisexual.

According to the article, the musician had many gay relationships as part of a bet when he was in college. According to the website, Derulo stated,

Derulo allegedly had a foursome while in college, according to the story.

Derulo’s character was depicted in a broader light by the outlet, which described him as someone who never led a man on.

“”I’ll never sell someone a dream,” Derulo is claimed to have declared. “If I’m not into it, I’m not into it.” I wouldn’t make it look like it was going to be anything else if it was just one situation. I don’t believe you should ever deceive someone.”

When the outlet’s assertions were checked against other sources on the internet, they were shown to be false. The quotes that were confidently published by the publications were either exclusive or manufactured.

Is Jason Derulo Going Gay Because of a Song?

Another piece of evidence used by fan communities to determine Derulo’s sexuality was a song he released in the 2000s called ‘Locked in Love.’

Derulo can be heard singing about a male love interest in the love song. The singer appeared to be trying his hardest not to fall in love with this man, but his efforts were in vain.

As one can expect, the lyrics were taken by the fan forums and run with.

The Coming Out Anthem by Jason Derulo

Queer adolescents have recently turned to TikTok with a passage from another of Derulo’s songs, ‘Get Ugly,’ which goes: “Oh my oh my oh my God, this girl straight and this girl not.”

The videos show teens pointing to a straight friend or family member before turning around and pointing to themselves, making this the viral coming-out hymn.

While the content created as a result of his song was fantastic, it did nothing to quell the allegations that Derulo was gay.

Is Jason Derulo a gay man?

All of this suggests that Derulo is a gay man. Unless you consider the fact that Derulo is a father! On May 18, 2021, Derulo and his girlfriend, Jena Frumes, welcomed a gorgeous newborn son.

Frumes was the first to announce the news, posting an Instagram snapshot of herself holding the baby’s small hands. The pleased father posted a video of the baby’s birth on social media.

The proud father announced the name of his firstborn in the caption: Jason King Derulo.

While allegations about Derulo being gay continue to circulate, there is little evidence to back them up. Derulo and Frumes’ small bundle of joy is all the proof we need that the singer is straight.