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Is Hunter Schafer dating someone? A Look Back at Her Past Relationships

Is Hunter Schafer dating someone? A Look Back at Her Past Relationships

Hunter Schafer may have started off modeling, but her breakout role as Jules on HBO’s gripping and gritty series Euphoria established her career as an actress.

The HBO series follows the lives of a group of high school teenagers as they deal with topics such as love, abuse, gender identity, and blackmail.

Schafer is a proud transgender woman, and Euphoria is her first on-screen appearance, which is significant in and of itself. Her character is based on her own experiences, and she is one of the few trans characters on television who isn’t grappling with her identity.

She told Variety in 2019 that trans people face a lot more than their gender identity.

Schafer’s life has been transformed by the role, and fans have been concerned about her personal life, with many asking if she is single.

Her first girlfriend assisted her in establishing her new identity.

Despite the fact that Schafer is queer, she has never stated her physical preferences. In 2019, she told Dazed that she was “closer to what you may call a lesbian” as part of the Spring 2019 Infinite Identities issue special.

Despite the ambiguity of her comment, she recently discussed her first lover with W Magazine in an interview about her discussions on arts and fashion with designer Gogo Graham. She admitted during the conversation that she had known about Graham from the beginning.

Her first partner was the one who helped her adjust to her new identity, she said before getting into her response. She said she was dating a trans girl at the time who introduced her to other trans girls, and they’re still good friends today.

She went on to say that her girlfriend introduced her to Graham and her work and that she would not have known about the designer if it weren’t for her. Her anecdote appears to support her claim that she is a womanizer.

It’s possible she dated Massima Desire.

It’s possible that the individual she mentioned in her interview with W Magazine was Massima Desire. Desire is a transgender model who has worked for high-end fashion houses such as Marc Jacobs and Gucci. Desire undoubtedly exposed Schafer to the trans community because she is also an activist.

If social media is any indication of their relationship, Desire posted a photo of Schafer on July 11, 2018, and Schafer even commented on it, raising suspicions.

Fans turned to Reddit to understand the two’s social media interactions after they refused to reveal their connection or lack thereof. They were certain they were dating and had broken up because they were no longer hanging out together.

Despite the interest of fans, the two have never publicly confirmed their connection, but one thing is certain: Schafer will not be dating anytime soon.