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Is Christopher Russell a homosexual or a heterosexual? Is He a Husband or a Wife?

Is Christopher Russell a homosexual or a heterosexual? Is He a Husband or a Wife?

Christopher Russell is well remembered for his role as Panto Trost in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency on television (2016-2017).

During his stint on the show, he enjoyed a passionate on-screen kiss with Lee Majdoub’s character, Silas Dengadamor—the same kiss that sparked gay suspicions about the Canadian actor.

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Christopher Russell placed a high value on the role.

Lee Majdoub, with whom Russell shared the kiss, commented about how crucial the roles were for both of them in an interview with MovieTVTechGeeks in November 2017.

He underlined that they had talked extensively about making the two characters’ relationship more significant than the kiss sequence itself. This probably sent the message that gay relationships in Hollywood are about more than kisses and movie sequences.

Majdoub also expressed his gratitude to the LGBT community for the positive depiction and portrayal they were able to achieve in the series. Russell might be in the same boat.

Christopher Russell is grateful for the show’s fans.

He hasn’t played Panto Trost in the Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency for more than three years (2016-2017). Despite the fact that the job is finished, the fans he gained from his portrayal of a gay man have stuck with him all this time.

Russell, who values his followers, posts fan art of Panto Trost on his Instagram page on a regular basis. Panto and Silas are also seen together in some fan art.

This shows that Russell isn’t afraid to talk about his homosexual fans’ sentiments about him, his character, and Panto and Silas’ relationship. He recognizes that love has no bounds and does not discriminate based on gender.

Christopher Russell is married to his wife and they have two children.

It’s become common knowledge that if you play a gay role in the entertainment world, you’ll be dogged by speculations about your sexuality. Russel had the same thing with his rendition of Panto.

Russell, on the other hand, has lived with the rumors and has yet to make a public statement about them. Instead, he spends his days with his wife and two children.

Russell’s Instagram is flooded with photos of his two children, a daughter, and a son, as well as his wife. For unclear reasons, he has failed to share any of the names on social media.

However, based on his social media posts, he appears to have a terrific relationship with them.