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Is Cherie Johnson Actually Married to Co-Star of ‘Family Matters’? She Responds to People Who Ask About Her Ex

Is Cherie Johnson Actually Married to Co-Star of ‘Family Matters’? She Responds to People Who Ask About Her Ex

Cherie Johnson is an American actress, author, producer, and columnist who is best known for portraying Maxine Johnson from 1990 to 1998 on Family Matters. She became close with co-stars Darius McCrary and Shawn Harrison during this time.

Fans of the actress were perplexed when she referred to Shawn as her spouse and also posted a photo celebrating her anniversary with Darius. Numerous individuals believed Johnson was married to one of the two co-stars. However, the posts appear to be made in jest because she is not in a romantic relationship.

With McCreary And Harrison, Conclude

The confusion surrounding Johnson’s companion began on December 15, 2015, when she tweeted a 26th-anniversary message with McCrary.

McCrary responded in kind, writing, “that day was inscribed in the stars eons ago, and it’s still FRESH. Happy anniversary, sweetheart; adore you forever. Xoxo”. When filming of Family Matters began in 1990, the actors were presumably referring to their first encounter.

When Johnson referred to McCrary as her spouse on Cherie’s World Podcast in April 2020, a similar situation occurred again.

The episode of the podcast was titled My spouse Darius McCrary is here today on Cherie’s World Podcast *Audio Only*, implying that the two were married when in fact they were joking.

In December 2020, Johnson also referred to Harrison as her true love, confidant, and spouse when she wished him a happy birthday.

Again, many admirers believed she was married to Harrison, which was not the case. Johnson is not presently in a relationship with McCrary or Harrison. However, these posts demonstrate that the cast of Family Affairs is close enough to jest about such topics.

Cherie Johnson Responds To Inquiries About Her Ex-Husband.

Despite teasing about being in a relationship with her Family Matters co-stars, Johnson has a different opinion regarding questions about her previous partners.She elaborated on her position on her blog, explaining that she did not regard anyone to be her ex.

Cherie Johnson’s Daughter, Aged Six

While the Family Matters actress may not respond well to questions about her previous relationships, she is very frank about her motherhood. She has documented her life as the mother of a six-year-old daughter in her blog, ‘Advice For My Sistas.’

She has an entire section devoted to writings about her daughter and motherhood titled ‘Tales From Motherhood.’

She has shared a variety of stories, including the fact that her daughter’s pet fish has popeye disease and an inventory of books she will purchase for her daughter to read.