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Is Chase Severino dating Sara Jackson? Everything about Severino’s Private Life

Is Chase Severino dating Sara Jackson? Everything about Severino’s Private Life

Chase Severino proposed to Whitney Way Thore, a reality celebrity, during their trip to Paris in October 2019.

By early May 2020, viewers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life noticed that Thore was taking down images of her fiancé and naturally questioned if the two were still together.

Thore confirmed her breakup with Severino in the captions of a dark screen she posted on Instagram on May 21, 2020.

Since then, people have speculated as to whether Severino has entered into yet another romance. This time, he’s with Sara Jackson, his child’s mother.

There was cheated on by Severino.

Thore claimed that the two of them were having relationship issues in an Instagram post. During that time, Severino reconnected with a lady he had a lengthy history with, who was subsequently revealed to be Jackson, leading to her getting pregnant.

Thore also revealed that Severino would give birth in October 2020.

She ended the awkward disclosure by expressing that she was not interested in anything unpleasant being directed at any of the parties involved, before urging followers to respect their privacy and let them go on.

Around the same time, Severino put up a screenshot from his notes app to remind his fans that he was enthusiastic about becoming a parent.

Even though they were parting ways, his statement made it clear that he had nothing but love and respect for Thore.

After requesting privacy for both himself and Thore, he declared that the mother of his child would like to stay nameless for the time being.

Severino Welcomed a Daughter

Severino made headlines three months after the announcement with the birth of his newborn girl, Aurora Joyce.

He claimed the kid arriving sooner than intended caught him off guard, and the whole experience was a touch scary in his Instagram announcement on September 9, 2020. Nonetheless, he was grateful for the favor.

Severino stated that he had spent his entire life rolling his eyes and laughing at the idea of fatherhood, but that he was now a part of the cliche and that his daughter meant the world to him. He continued,

Are Severino and Jackson dating?

Severino and Jackson, on the other hand, have been the subject of engagement rumors since a photo of the two of them hanging out in Jamaica surfaced.

While it’s no surprise that Severino has been spending time with his child’s mother, there was one gleaming piece of jewelry that couldn’t be overlooked.

A ring on Jackson’s left ring finger was seen in the photo, implying that the two were engaged.

The photo, which was shared by one of Jackson’s girlfriends, also includes the words “Engagement hijinks” and a ring emoji.

However, photographs of Jackson dating back to January show her wearing a ring on the same finger, albeit a different ring.

Severino Is Overjoyed About His Daughter

Since the birth of his daughter, most of his social media posts have been dedicated to her. The adoring parent recently shared a series of photos of himself and his daughter visiting his alma university.

Severino was photographed bringing his toddler around the Marshall University campus and a few other West Virginia attractions.

The father-daughter duo took a trip about Huntington before returning home in the latter images.

In the same post, another significant revelation was presented. Aurora’s favorite road-trip munchies appear to be her teeny-tiny toes.

Severino claimed that despite the hatred he has received as a result of his infidelity, he is doing his best to be a good father.

He went on to say that the outrage from the public had driven him to be a better version of himself.