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Is BlameItOnKway a homosexual? What We Know About the Love Life of the Content Creator

Is BlameItOnKway a homosexual? What We Know About the Love Life of the Content Creator

Kwaylon Rogers, aka BlameItOnKway, is best known as Titi, his alter ego. His comic skits and other similar videos have gone viral on many occasions, and he now has over 5.1 million Instagram followers.

His alter ego Titi was featured in Zeus Network’s reality TV parody show Titi Do You Love Me after his career as a content developer and comedian took off. The parody show not only made Rogers more well-known, but it also piqued people’s interest in his romantic preferences.

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Is BlameItOnKway a homosexual?

Rogers has worked on a variety of projects, including Titi Do You Love Me and a Janet Jackson music video, among others. Titi, on the other hand, is without a doubt his most famous design. The character cemented his status as one of the social media’s most influential comedians.

Titi Do You Love Me was the network’s most popular show when it initially aired on Zeus Network. It was about Titi, Roger’s alter ego who dressed up in feminine clothing, wore a wig, and put on cosmetics in order to find love.

Following the broadcast of an episode in which Titi kissed a man, fans became inquisitive about Roger’s sexual orientation. Many felt that he was simply playing the part, while others speculated that he was gay in real life.

Rogers has denied any gay rumors so yet, and it’s highly probable that he was simply playing Titi. According to Liverampup, the comedian stated in 2011 that he had a girlfriend but did not reveal her identity.

He also confessed his love for standup comedian Jess Moore in the text of a photo he shared on Instagram with her.

His relationship with his previous fiancée, on the other hand, has already ended, and the Instagram photo with Moore was merely a joke. In an interview with ET in November 2018, Rogers claimed that he was single and solely focused on his work.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Kwaylon Rogers

Rogers has always aspired to be a stand-up comic. And as a result of his success as one, he was able to pursue his second dream of becoming a business owner.

Rogers created the Krab Queenz restaurant in Los Angeles with the money he earned from his comedy career. After witnessing how different the experiences were in the two cities, he wanted to convey the taste of Houston to Los Angeles.

Rogers’ restaurant business has grown over the years, and he now owns five.