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Is Anthony Geary a gay actor? His Previous Relationship With Oscar-Winning Actress

Is Anthony Geary a gay actor? His Previous Relationship With Oscar-Winning Actress

Anthony Geary, often known as Tony Geary, has long faced questions about his sexual orientation. There are conflicting bits of evidence that suggest he could be gay and straight at the same time.

While the actor’s connection with his former co-star shows he is straight, his strong participation in speaking out for homosexual rights has caused some fans to believe differently.

We try to throw some light on the star’s personal tastes, despite the fact that the GH alum has remained mute on the subject, staying far away from Hollywood gossip at his residence in Amsterdam.

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Anthony Geary Confirms Relationship With Elizabeth Taylor

Geary has never been married or had a wife, but he did have a relationship with one of his co-stars for a few years.

In the long-running soap series General Hospital, Geary starred alongside late actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth portrayed Helena Cassadine in three episodes, whereas he played Luke Spencer for over 35 years. Their romance probably progressed after they met on set.

During an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show in 2010, the star of General Hospital revealed the relationship.

When the talk show host brought up their bond, the Daytime Emmy Award winner acknowledged that he was more than just a friend to the late actress. “I was sort of her boy-toy for a couple of years,” he claimed, referring to their previous intimate involvement.

The seasoned actor’s relationship with Elizabeth now suggests that he is gay. Other cases, though, suggest differently.

Anthony Geary Enjoys Living in Amsterdam and Says No One Judges Him

Today, the Coalville, Utah native resides in Amsterdam and has always been forthright about his reasons for leaving Hollywood’s glitz for Europe.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2008, the soap opera star explained how the city’s unashamed liberal ideals drew him in. He also joked about how the people there didn’t have to argue over abortion rights, LGBT rights, or individual rights since they didn’t have to.

Now, because the General Hospital alum stated that he wanted to live in a country where such rights were normalized and accepted as part of society’s fabric, it might be assumed that he wanted to live in a place where his sexuality was not judged.

Is Anthony Geary a homosexual?

The eight-time Emmy winner expressed a similar attitude in another interview, saying that his heart belonged to Amsterdam. He claimed to have never felt more at ease on his skin than in the European city.

Furthermore, he mentioned growing up in a Mormon society and feeling confined for a long period while speaking with Nancy and Kaore in May 2020. Similarly, Hollywood’s celebrities rarely afforded him privacy, which is why the acclaimed actor felt liberated after visiting Amsterdam. He said:

Statements like these have popped up in other conversations about the now-retired actor’s sexual orientation. His comments about homosexual rights and feeling at ease in his own flesh have been taken by fans as his coming-out story. But it isn’t.

He has also discussed abortion rights and individual rights in general. Simply because the actor supports and empathizes with homosexual people’s situation is insufficient evidence of his sexual inclinations.