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Interesting Facts About Lewis Hamilton’s Mother Carmen Larbalestier

Interesting Facts About Lewis Hamilton’s Mother Carmen Larbalestier

Lewis Hamilton, born Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, is a well-known British racing driver who currently competes for Mercedes in Formula One. He was a driver for McLaren from 2007 through 2012 before joining Mercedes. He has a joint record of seven World Drivers’ Championship championships in his F1 career. Hamilton is also the first black driver to compete in Formula One.

The successful Formula One racer is the only child of Anthony Hamilton and Carmen Larbalestier. When Lewis was just two years old, his parents split. Although his father has always been the center of attention in his profession (particularly when he was younger), his mother Carmen has been a big support for him and has stayed by his side, but away from the camera.

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Anthony Hamilton was her first husband.

Carmen Larbalestier is well-known as the mother of Lewis Hamilton, a well-known Formula One driver. She was born in England in 1955 and has been married twice. Anthony Hamilton was her husband. However, the precise date of their wedding has yet to be confirmed. In January 1985, Carmen gave birth to their son, Lewis, in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. Carmen and Anthony divorced two years after he was born.

Following their divorce, they both moved on with their lives. Anthony married Linda Hamilton, with whom he has a son, Nicolas Hamilton, and they settled down. Lewis’s mother, likewise, married Raymond Lockhart and has two daughters with him.

Is She Also The Mother Of Two Other Kids?

Lewis Hamilton is the sole child of Anthony Hamilton and Carmen Larbalestier, as previously stated. After Lewis’ parents divorced, Carmen was awarded custody of Lewis until he was twelve years old.

Lewis Hamilton was reared by his mother and two stepsisters. Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

Despite the fact that Lewis is Carmen and Anthony’s only child, he is not Carmen’s only kid. She married Raymond Lockhart after her divorce from Anthony. Carmen and her two children from her second marriage raised Lewis. Lewis remained in the second relationship with his mother and half-sisters Samantha Lockhart and Nicola Lockhart. Lewis moved away at the age of 12 to live with his father, stepmother Linda Hamilton, and half-brother Nicolas Hamilton.

She has a fantastic relationship with her son.

Despite the fact that Lewis has moved out to live with his father’s family, Carmen and Lewis enjoy a wonderful relationship. She has made public appearances at several races and events, despite her preference to avoid the media and the spotlight. Carmen was seen embracing her son and his stepmother Linda at the 2008 Chinese Grand Prix. Apart from that, Lewis’ mother hugged him again when he won his fourth world championship in Mexico.

Lewis adores his mum and holds her in high regard. On Instagram, he has a lot of photographs of his mother. In 2015, he hosted a birthday celebration for his mother in London, at which Jessie J performed for her. Both the mother and the son have a fantastic relationship. The F1 driver has highlighted his mother and father’s contributions to his career in numerous interviews. Hamilton’s birthday greeting to Carmen also demonstrates his affection and admiration for her.

Carmen Hamilton, Lewis Hamilton’s mother, was born in 1955 and is currently 66 years old. She appears to be in good health and is doing well for herself.

For a long time, Carmen Larbalestier’s ex-husband was Lewis’s manager.

Lewis Hamilton is a well-known name in the racing world, as previously said. Hamilton has won seven World Drivers’ Championships since he began racing at a young age. Hamilton’s father, Anthony, is credited with inspiring him to pursue a career in motorsport. Anthony Larbalestier, Carmen’s ex-husband, was his manager from the start of his racing career until 2010. Hamilton fired his father, Anthony, two weeks before the Formula One championship in 2010.

Despite Hamilton’s claims that the split was mutual, Anthony later said that Lewis fired him because he wanted to be his own man. Lewis’s relationship with his family is also said to have deteriorated since he sacked his father.

Prefers to live a quiet life

As previously noted, Carmen Larbalestier is most known as Lewis Hamilton’s mother, one of the most successful drivers in Formula One history. Despite her enormous celebrity, she likes to live a solitary life. She does, however, appear at some of the races and events to cheer on her son. Aside from that, she prefers to avoid the spotlight and the media.

Despite their differences, Carmen and Lewis enjoy a positive friendship. Carmen, Lewis’s mother, appears to be doing well for herself, and she appears to be enjoying a happy and comfortable life with her family.

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