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Insight into Solluminati’s Relationship History: He’s Got a New Girlfriend

Insight into Solluminati’s Relationship History: He’s Got a New Girlfriend

Javontay Baynes, also known as SoLLUMINATI, has resumed his dating life. Since breaking ways with his partner Ash in 2019, he had avoided bringing up his romantic status.

But in March 2021, the observant viewers noticed his developing chemistry with a new girlfriend, which prompted the YouTuber to be clean about his relationship.

In 2018, He Dated Ash

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Prior to now, SoLLUMINATI dated YouTuber Ash.

In his self-titled YouTube channel, he chronicled their romance.

On July 4, 2018, he posted their first video together in which he vowed never to be unfaithful.

Following that, the two collaborated on a number of videos, including some hoax videos that deviated slightly from the initial idea.

However, SoLLUMINATI and Ash ended their romance in January 2019, indicating that it was short-lived.

He informed his followers about the separation and gave them an explanation of why it occurred. SoLLUMINATI claimed Ash’s melancholy and ongoing breakdowns mentally taxed him. He also admitted that she started to hinder his career.

Even after divorcing, SoLLUMINATI and Ash cohabited.

SoLLUMINATI also mentioned that his ex Ash still resided with him in the video where he explained the circumstances around the separation. Although they split up in January 2019, they cohabitated until March or April.

The YouTuber went on to describe what it was like to be confined to his house with a woman who still loved him but was not his girlfriend.

They both moved on.

Ash dated an older man after splitting with SoLLUMINATI. A user claimed she was mentally unwell because she was dating an older person during one of her Instagram live videos.

She clapped back at the slur, admitting she was already mentally ill and saying they didn’t need to mention it even after knowing she was receiving treatment and medicine. Additionally, Ash admitted to having a borderline personality disorder.

Like Ash, SoLLUMINATI moved on and began dating another woman.

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Fitness model SoLLUMINATI’s new girlfriend

SoLLUMINATI began seeing fitness model Lily, his new love interest, in March 2021. He didn’t mention Lily in any of his stories, even if they featured her, to protect her anonymity.

But his keen-eyed followers caught wind of the burgeoning romance and messaged his girlfriend on Instagram.

On March 30, Lily began an Instagram live session, and her fans noted that she was in his house. SoLLUMINATI was forced to confess in front of the camera when some commenters inquired as to where she was hiding. He expressed his slight annoyance and claimed that those who were aware of their relationship were strange.

He said he was dating a fitness enthusiast in a YouTube video he posted a month later. He also disclosed that he had recently purchased a new house.

Just a few weeks after disclosing his Tinder dates on March 3, 2021, SoLLUMINATI announced his dating life.

On the online dating service, he tried to locate a woman who would accept him with a shaven head. But it had not been successful.