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Inside Nicky Jam’s Family Life: Nicky Jam’s Sister Maintains a Low Profile

Inside Nicky Jam’s Family Life: Nicky Jam’s Sister Maintains a Low Profile

Nicky Jam, a popular singer and songwriter, has gone a long way since his first foray into the realm of urban music at the age of ten.

Nicky Jam was born Nick Rivera Caminero in Lawrence, Massachusetts, to a Dominican mother and a Puerto Rican father.

After his parents’ divorce, he and his father, Jose Rivera, moved to Barrio Obrero, Puerto Rico, when he was about 8 years old. His childhood and adolescence were spent on the island with his sister, Stephanie.

Since the publication of Nicky Jam: El Ganador, a Netflix biographical series, fans have been particularly interested in the popular singer and songwriter’s family life, notably his sister, who keeps a low profile in the media.

Nicky’s life is chronicled in the series, which premiered in November 2018, and spans his early years in Puerto Rico to his current status as a global music sensation.

Nicky Jam’s Sister: Who Is She?

Stephanie Rivera Caminero, Nicky’s sister, keeps a low profile in the media and goes by the name Stephanie Rivera Caminero.

Her Instagram account, @stephanieriveracaminero, has roughly 31,000 followers and a profile photo of her and her brother, Nicky.

Stephanie’s Instagram account features roughly 700 posts, but the public has no access to them.

Stephanie’s age is unknown at this time, but we do know that she was born on June 10th and that she is a Gemini. Nicky’s mother, Ysabel, expressed her love for her daughter with a poignant statement on Instagram.

Stephanie was featured in a photo collage that she captioned, “My life, I adore you. Enjoy your day to the fullest. Infinite blessings You’ve earned it.”

Nicky’s “nephew,” who is thought to be Stephanie’s daughter, was also featured in a photo posted by her mother.

Stephanie is played by American actress Leli Hernandez in the series El Ganador.

J Balvin and Nicky Jam are brothers, right?

Nicky and J Balvin’s 2018 collaboration on the smash song “X” has sparked internet speculation that the two performers are related. To answer the question of whether J Balvin and Nicky are biological brothers, the answer is no. However, they do share a particular affinity.

Balvin referred to Nicky as his brother during his chat with Distractify.

He said, “My brother… he’s my brother.” “The last time he contacted me, it was just to see how I was doing, and that meant a lot to me.”

Nicky’s TV show, El Ganador, included Balvin in a guest appearance.

Nicky meets Balvin for the first time in the episode “The Phoenix,” when he tries to get into a popular nightclub.