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Inside Chris Jericho’s 21-Year Marriage to His Wife and Children

Inside Chris Jericho’s 21-Year Marriage to His Wife and Children

Chris Jericho is an American-Canadian professional wrestler who is widely regarded as one of the most successful WWE superstars of all time. He is also a podcast host, an apparel line owner, and a singer.

Over the course of his three-decade career, he has competed for top wrestling firms such as Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), and All Elite Wrestling (AEW). He has also won several major championships.

With a showstopper entrance, a heart of a lion, and winning wrestling moves, Y2J became the first-ever Undisputed Champion, setting the tone for the rest of his career.

Jericho shifted to AEW in 2019 after building a reputation for himself at WWE for almost two decades.

Through the highs and lows of his career, there was one person who always stood by his side. It was none other than his gorgeous wife, Jessica Lockhart, with whom he has been married for over twenty years.

Lockhart never appeared in any of his matches and preferred to avoid the spotlight. In fact, she opted to raise their children outside of the public glare in Tampa, Florida.

Jericho And Lockhart Got Married Back In 2000

The couple has been happily married for twenty-one years now. They exchanged wedding vows on July 30, 2000, after dating for some time.

He revealed in his book A Lion’s Tale that he first saw Lockhart while at the restaurant where many of his other wrestlers would frequent. Jericho And Lockhart were initially introduced by his fellow WCW wrestler, Disco Inferno, (real name Glenn Gilbertti) in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The athlete noticed Gilbertti speaking with a beautiful woman at a Japanese restaurant after a concert and liked her right away. He connected them, and they began a long conversation in the restaurant. Jericho said he realized she was his fate right away.

After spending two decades in their conjugal life, Jericho and his wife reaffirmed their wedding vows on the occasion of their twentieth anniversary in 2020 during the New Year break.

Former WCW Announcer David Penzer took to Twitter and congratulated the couple on the occasion, sharing a group photo with them.

Parents to Three Children

Although Jericho is one of the busiest wrestlers in the world, at home he is just a regular dad raising his three kids in Tampa, Florida.

In a 2012 interview with BeliefNet Originals, he stated “When I’m at home, I’m a dad. I don’t have a lot of friends in Tampa, not that I don’t want friends, but I don’t have time. I want to do all family stuff all the time.”

The pair is blessed with a son, Ash Edward Irvine, born in September 2003, and identical twin girls, Sierra “Sisi” Loretta Irvine and Cheyenne “Chey” Lee Irvine, born in July 2006. All three of his kids have frequently appeared as guests on his podcast – Talk is Jericho.

Their 17-year-old son, Ash, is a self-proclaimed fish expert. His bedroom is furnished with an ocean theme and he is fascinated by anything relating to underwater life, particularly sharks.

In the future, he would want to be an Ichthyologist, a marine biologist who studies different species of fish and underwater creatures.

Although Jericho is one of the most renowned wrestlers in the world, his children are not interested in wrestling.

In the same interview, Jericho also mentioned that his kids get sad when he loses, which could explain why they aren’t really invested in the entire process.

According to him, his children don’t enjoy wrestling because they don’t like seeing him getting beat up, and seeing him lose.