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In the fourth grade, Lynette Romero of KTLA started her weight loss adventure! often discusses her exercise routine

In the fourth grade, Lynette Romero of KTLA started her weight loss adventure! often discusses her exercise routine

Lynette Romero, a KTLA news reporter, has never been afraid to open up to her followers about her weight loss struggle. She was so committed to her goal that she started her weight loss journey in the fourth grade!

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Romero’s Incredible Weight Loss Adventure

Since she was in the fourth grade, the KTLA 5 Morning News anchor has made every effort to get in shape. However, there were always some ups and downs that prevented her from reaching her objectives. It was nearly hard for her to concentrate on her fitness later, when she was older and had more obligations.

She spent so much time working and caring for the family that she neglected to even see her 20-year-old primary care physician for three years. When she finally saw him in the middle of 2019, he told her that she appeared stressed, sleep-deprived, and unfit.

She diligently adhered to the recommended workout schedules after receiving such a response from her dependable doctor. She started intermittent fasting in June 2019 and adhered to trustworthy eating programs as prescribed by her doctor.

She persisted, and by the end of 2019, she had successfully shed more than 50 pounds.

She continued to adhere to the weight reduction plans despite her spectacular weight loss in an effort to stay as fit as possible.

She frequently discusses her weight loss journey.

The Los Angeles resident enjoys sharing on her social media accounts about her amazing weight loss progress. Romero not only flaunts her outcomes but also opens up to her admirers about the difficulties she encountered during her weight reduction journey and the work it took to get beyond them.

For instance, the news reporter tweeted a nice photo of herself wearing a stunning dress on December 13, 2019, after reaching her target weight.

Similarly, on October 23, 2020, she published a video in which she claimed that her diet regimens had helped her lose over 2 inches from her neck. She continued by saying that the intermittent fasting she was practicing had improved her life.

In addition to detailing her experience, the University of Colorado alumna urges others to stick to sensible weight loss regimens in order to stay fit and healthy. She frequently posts health-related advice to her close friends and coworkers on her Instagram account.