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In the bathroom, Lucas Jade Zumann helps his girlfriend write an original Spanish song.

In the bathroom, Lucas Jade Zumann helps his girlfriend write an original Spanish song.

Lucas Jade Zumann has been in a committed relationship with their girlfriend Shannon Sullivan since his portrayal as Gilbert Blythe in the Netflix program Anne with an E. The actor has shared multiple photos of his girlfriend on social media and even acts as a guitarist for her while she writes her own songs in the bathroom.

The couple has collaborated on two original songs.

The young star and his girlfriend have been spotted together on her YouTube channel several times. While his companion has been spotted singing beautiful songs in both Spanish and English, Zumann has mostly been seen accompanying her on the guitar.

The duo has collaborated on a number of well-known tracks. The Way Time Works, Won’t Let Me In, Cada Cancion, and other songs are among their most popular. The duo has been observed playing in their living room on occasion, but it appears that when it comes to recording music, they prefer their bathroom. Because they capture the recordings in the bathtub, Sullivan refers to them as “Bathtub Covers.”

On his eponymous YouTube page, the Sinister 2 actor and his fiancée broadcast a lot of films taken in the bathroom.

The duo recorded their second original song, Cancion II, in a video released in December 2020.

Sullivan mentioned in the film that the bathroom may appear strange because Zumann wanted to create a “crematorium” in the bathroom, similar to the one in the TV show Community. To give it an “atrium” atmosphere, the bathroom was surrounded by black and blue boxes. Sullivan was singing with her wonderful voice in that video, and the actor was seen accompanying her with his guitar, which is one of his interests.

The duo high-fived after finishing the song, and Zumann even complimented her voice. “That was an excellent one,” he commented, and we completely agree.

Sullivan despises being compared to Zumann’s on-screen girlfriend.

The Netflix star has been on Sullivan’s YouTube channel multiple times.

Sullivan revealed in a video from September 2018 that she used to visit her partner on the sets of Anne with an E. She couldn’t go inside during the shooting hours, so she waited outside for him.

Not only that, but the couple also revealed how Sullivan feels bad when fans compare their real-life connection to Zumann’s on-screen relationship with Amybeth McNulty is one of her December 2019 vehicle vlog videos.

She also stated that fans will create videos and posts to choose between the couple’s ship names, Sherbet (from the show) and Shucas (from the show) (ship name of Lucas and Shannon).

Fans have also asked Sullivan if she is jealous of the on-screen pair, according to Sullivan. She disputed it, claiming she grew up reading the novel on which the series is based and having a crush on Gilbert.

Sullivan Appearances on Zumann’s Instagram Frequently

In addition to acting in her videos, the 20-year-old actor often updates his Instagram account with photos of himself and his girlfriend.

He initially tweeted a photograph with his girlfriend kissing each other in August 2018, and below the sweet photo, he added, “miss you already.”

Since then, the two have shared numerous photographs, giving fans significant couple goals. In October 2019, Zumann shared a selfie with his wife, writing that creating their home together has been one of the best experiences of his life.