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Hunter Schafer’s career and transition both began in high school.

Hunter Schafer’s career and transition both began in high school.

Hunter Schafer made waves for her portrayal in Euphoria as a transgender adolescent who had recently relocated to town from a big metropolis and befriended Zendaya’s character, Rue.

Her showbiz career, however, began much earlier. She started modeling for Elite Model Management at the age of 18, three years after her transition operation.

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Outline of Schafers Hunter’s Self-Discovery Journey

Hunter grew up in a tiny town with a strict family, unlike her Euphoria character. Katy Schafer is her mother, and Mac Schafer, a pastor at Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church, is her father.

Hunter’s entire family appeared on WUNC 91.5 in 2016 for an interview about her journey to discovering her true identity. Hunter, it seems, has always had a thing for apparently “feminine characteristics.”

Katy, her mother, verified that she has had a strong desire for femininity and feminine expression since she was a toddler, about two years old.

Katy also remembered speaking with Hunter’s preschool teacher when she was three years old. She inquired as to if her child was normal.

In seventh grade, she came out as gay.

Hunter came out to her parents as a lesbian in seventh grade since she had not yet grasped the idea of gender identification. Hunter’s parents had accepted his orientation, even if they didn’t fully get it.

She started to see peach fuzz on her top lip a year later, when she was in the eighth school, indicating that she was approaching puberty. She admitted,

Around the same time, she met a few people who were well-versed in all of the LGBTQ words, and she learned about a whole new idea of a community that may allow her to explore that side of herself.

She’d finally accepted the possibility that she wasn’t a guy.

Transgender People Coming Out

She tried twice to tell her parents that she was transgender. They were not pleased with it. “The third time’s the charm,” as the adage goes.

Mac later talked about the moment he knew Hunter was transsexual in the same interview. He’d gone to a fashion design camp to pick up Hunter. They had a fashion display for the final night of camp while he was there.

Hunter approached him the morning of the performance and asked if she may wear heels. He added,

Mac acknowledged mourning the loss of his plan to raise a son but simultaneously celebrated Hunter’s birth into the person she was meant to be.

Modeling contract signed at the age of 18

Hunter was already a fashionista before undergoing surgery. She had her transition operation when she was 15 years old, during her freshman year of high school.

Following suit, she met an Elite Model Management agency she’d met via Instagram while on a trip to New York City when she was 18 years old.

She was walking for Dior, Miu Miu, and Helmut Lang in Paris and Milan by her third modeling season, and she was featured in fashion magazines all over the world.