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How Tim Heidecker Made a Tasteful Record Out of an Internet Rumor About His Wife

How Tim Heidecker Made a Tasteful Record Out of an Internet Rumor About His Wife

Tim Heidecker, an American comedian, received inspiration for his 2019 album What the Brokenhearted Do… from an online troll-created lie about his divorce from wife Marilyn Porayko.

It all started when Heidecker was ridiculed on the internet for being too outspoken on political issues. The trolls even spread reports that his wife had divorced him over this trait.

Despite the fact that the rumor spread like wildfire, Heidecker was unaffected. Instead, he took inspiration from the fictitious avatar created for him by the troublemakers.

It gave him the right foundation on which to envisage a universe in which he suffered as a result of his personality and was able to express himself creatively.

As a result, Heidecker pretended to be divorced and produced songs about marriage, wifehood, and children.

In a June 2019 interview with Vanity Fair, he discussed the project.

The 45-year-old said it was exciting to inhabit a fictionalized person, explaining that his fictitious character was miserable and angry.

Heidecker collaborated with Jonathan Rado, the multi-instrumentalist of the indie rock group Foxygen, to draw inspiration from rock singers and songwriters such as Warren Zevon, Todd Rundgren, and Van Morrison.

The Pennsylvania native envisioned a downcast album and collaborated with Rado to create a serene and, surprisingly, ageless folk-lore record.

‘I Don’t Think About You (Much Anymore),’ ‘Insomnia,’ and ‘What the Brokenhearted Do…’ were among the eleven tracks included in What the Brokenhearted Do…

While the numbers alluded to the agony of losing a loved one, they were all divorced from Heidecker’s reality, in which he has a happy marriage with his wife.

Tim Heidecker’s Married Life: A Look Inside

Heidecker isn’t much of a show-off, as seen by the fact that he never posts photos of his personal life or wife on social media. But don’t be fooled: he is still married to his 14-year-old wife and lives happily ever after.

On June 2, 2007, the TV celebrity and Porayko married and welcomed two children into their family.

On November 1, 2013, their first child, a daughter called Amelia, was born.

“It’s fantastic. It’s the best, it’s the best, it’s the best, it’s “In a November 2013 interview with Vice, Heidecker gushed about his newly discovered fatherhood.

On October 8, 2016, the married couple had their second child, a son named Charlie, three years later. On the same day, the multi-hyphenate announced the birth of his son via Instagram.

Heidecker quipped that he couldn’t determine whether he was thrilled for the birth of his baby boy or for then-President Donald Trump’s tape when he uploaded a photo of him holding his child close to him.

Heidecker and his wife are currently raising their children in Los Angeles.

While little is known about Porayko, it has been revealed that she is an actor and producer who has worked on television shows such as Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, Late, and Lapse.