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How many children has Flavor Flav? Learn About His Family and Children

How many children has Flavor Flav? Learn About His Family and Children

Baby mother turmoil is something Flavor Flav encounters on a regular basis.

William Jonathan Drayton, well known by his stage name Flavor Flav, entered the rap game in the 1980s and quickly rose to prominence. He has been a musician and producer for a while. He was the animated member of the hip-hop group Public Enemy.

He performed to sold-out crowds back-to-back at the height of his popularity. However, sadly, his success also brought about a wild lifestyle that wreaked havoc in his private life.

If you’re asking “who is Flavor Flav married to” or “how many kids does Flavor Flav have,” you should know that due to his confusing love life, he has fathered seven different children.

He was involved with legal issues and family court cases. He was unable to establish a meaningful relationship with any of his children as a result, though he has made an effort to mend fences in recent years. The rapper’s kids are broken down in the following list.

Kids of Flavor Flav

When Flavor Flav first met Karen Ross, he became a father.

Three children were born to the former couple. Jasmine Drayton and Kayla Drayton are their daughters, while Shaniq Drayton is their son. After that, he started dating Angie Parker, with whom he fathered three more kids.

Dazyna Drayton is the daughter of Flavor Flav and Parker, and Quanah and William Drayton are their sons.

Flavor Flav has been sued by both of his ex-wives for failing to provide child support. First, Parker sued the rapper in order to have the reality TV star pay over $100,000 in overdue child support. Prior to that, in 2010, Parker filed a lawsuit to compel the rapper to pay full child support.

Due to his outlandish lifestyle, Flavor Flav not only neglected his financial responsibilities but also neglected to be present in his children’s lives. On Growing Up Hip Hop, one of his daughters, Dazyna, confessed that she had once been homeless.

She blamed her father for not supporting her financially or emotionally.

Flavor Flav beats up his son and has the eighth child.

Flavor Flav then turned his attention to Elizabeth Trujillo after Ross and Parker. Trujillo and Flavor Flav were married, and their child, Karma, was the rapper’s sixth child.

He was accused of battery and assault with a dangerous weapon in a case involving his ex-wife and their son in 2012. The rapper had threatened to kill his youngest son while chasing him around the kitchen with a knife.

He apparently had his eighth child after that.

2019 saw Kate Gammell, his former aide, come forward and say she was the father of her child.

In order to establish his paternity for her son Jordan, she used a paternity test. Gammell additionally sued the rapper for unpaid child support.

Jordan’s paternity hasn’t yet been confirmed by the artist, though.

Is Flavor Flav now married? is still a common question. Unfortunately, the answer is no.