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Holly Sonders

Facts of Holly Niederkohr

Full Name: Holly Niederkohr
Birth Date: March 3, 1987
Age: 37 years
Gender: Female
Profession: TV presenter, Sports Anchor
Country: US
Horoscope: Pisces
Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)
DivorceErik Kuselias
Net Worth$6.5 million
FatherDan Niederkohr
MotherSandy Niederkohr
SiblingsOne brother
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When it comes to sports, it’s all about the athletic body and all those muscles; nevertheless, some athletes stand out for being tough and gorgeous at the same time.

Holly Sonders has commanded the spotlight since she was a teenager, whether as a golfer or a reporter, presenter, or journalist.

The former golfer is most recognized for her role as the host of “Morning Drive” on the Golf Channel.

Sonders is now regarded as a stunning diva who began her career in golf, exhibiting her wild passion in front of the microphone and her eye-popping photos that have taken social media by storm.

Body Measurements of Holly Sonders

Sonders is a stunning lady with a massive and curvy physique that measures 36-24-35 inches.

She is also fit and attentive of her appearance, which she maintains with care. She also weighs 61 kg (134.48 lb) and stands tall at 61 kg (134.48 lb) (134.48 lb).

Holly also has long, flowing brunette hair, which gives her face an edge by framing it. She also has an oval face with tanned complexion and large hazel eyes.

Her face structure is precisely trimmed to give her an edgy appearance. Her shoe size is 7, and her bra size is 32D, according to her measurements.

Holly Sonders | Early Childhood Development, Education, and Golf

Sonders’ true name is Holly Niederkohr, and she was born on March 3, 1987, to Dan Niederkohr and Sandy Niederkohr.

She was born in Marysville, Ohio, under the sign of the Pisces. Her father was a doctor and a practicing optometrist back then, while her mother was a golf champion.

Sonders had a golfing influence on her mother, since she won a golf event at the age of seven and went on to become a successful junior golfer.

Sonders, for example, attended Marysville High School, where she was a member of the boys’ baseball and basketball teams.

She also began her career in the field earlier than any other athlete. She finally had a chance to play as a four-year starting point guard on the girls’ basketball team after high school when she transferred to Marysville Excessive College.

Her mother had a great influence on her when she was a teenager, and she dreamed of becoming a golfer.

Holly has won both the American Junior Golf Association and the UTC National Championships at the tender age of 14.

She later went on to Michigan State University, where she guided their team (the Spartans) to the Big Ten Championship, which they won.

She also broadened her horizons by competing in NCAA Regional Tournaments and NCAA Championships during her days. She also earned Academic All-Big Ten honors along the way.

Holly Sonders | Knee Injuries and Their Consequences

With all of those magnificent occurrences unfolding, Sonder’s life began to darken. As a result, Holly sustained an unexplained knee injury, rendering her unable to walk for months.

Her days were not the same during her junior year at MSU as she fought a bum knee; yet, she demonstrated that there isn’t always that one door for you.

Rather than attempting to overcome her feelings, she pursued her journalism degree and graduated from university in 2009. That’s when she decided to pursue a career as a journalist, which seemed to come naturally to her because she had a golfing background and pleasant academics.

Holly Sonders is pursuing a career in journalism.


As we progressed through her post-surgery days, Sonders began to pursue a new set of prospects, as she was featured on KATV in Little Rock.

She subsequently began reporting on tornadoes and homicides, where she received OJT (On-the-Job Training).

She sampled the flexibility of broadcast journalism and moved to a bigger place, WBNS-10 TV in Columbus, Ohio, without wasting much time.

Holly worked as a reporter for the Big Ten Community during her time there, and she applied for the golf channel after receiving crucial on-the-job training from KATV as an area reporter.

After being refused once, Holly was accepted, and she began her career at the next level when she joined NBC’s Golf Channel.

Although Sonders was unable to pursue golf, she was able to fulfill her passion by hosting series such as “Playing Lessons with the Pros” and “School of Golf.”

“At the time, she was collaborating with her future husband, Erik Kuselias, and had the opportunity to meet a number of well-known golfers.”

Meanwhile, she began her own Golf Channel Morning Drive prospects, armed with a deeper understanding of golf gigs.

Her appearance in the presentations drew a lot of criticism at first, with many people claiming she was portrayed as an object.

Sonders, on the other hand, seemed unconcerned about it, explaining how a woman could be both sporty and feminine at the same time, and that her skirts were simply a style statement.

In May 2013, she was featured on the cover of Golf Digest magazine, and she has been named one of the Most Beautiful Women in Golf three times by

The Fox Network is a cable television network that broadcast

Sonders was chosen by Fox Network to host the tournament’s broadcast in 2015, and she left the Golf Channel to do so. She covered the US Open golf during the time when Fox News gained the rights to the USGA’s golf competition.

Following that, she began working as a studio host for the Fox Network, presenting the US Open, as well as a sideline reporter for the NFL, in 2016.

She has been climbing the route to success and popularity ever since, as she climbed to fame at the same time. In addition, she has served as a guest host on the shows “THE HERD” and “UNDISPUTED.”

The Fox Network is a cable television network that broadcast

Holly Sonders | Achievements & Awards

The American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) is a non-profit (two times)

Amateur Women’s Western (round 16)

Big Ten Conference Championship (The Year 2007)

National Championship of the University of Connecticut

Regional Tournament of the NCAA (participation)

NCAA Final Four (participation)

Estimated Net Worth

Sonders is estimated to have a net worth of $6.5 million and a yearly income of $2 million as of 2022.

She also covers brand sponsorships, as she was reported with the Cobra Puma Golf, which is another source of income for her. Holly is also a yoga instructor, which has contributed to her income.

Aside from that, Sonders is a model on Instagram. She also claims that the OnlyFans Type Subscription Website earns her twenty times more money.

Holly Sonders | Workout Routine

She goes through a number of workouts while keeping her health in mind when it comes to her gorgeous figure.

She can’t run because she doesn’t have a meniscus, and she can’t work tirelessly because she has scoliosis, according to Sonders.

Simultaneously, she revealed how quickly she grows muscle in her arms; as a result, too many arm workouts will make her look muscular.

As a result, we’ve compiled a rundown of her physical workout routines. The first is that she only works out four times a week, three times a week doing 500 ab exercises.

If we look at her daily schedule, we can see that she gets up early in the morning and works out in the gym, doing a lot of squats and lunges.

She also claims to have a short torso, which she strives to lengthen and stretch. Finally, she has previously worked with Karen Palacios-Jansen, a personal trainer.

Sonders just announced her workout app, ‘TeamUp Fitness,’ on social media in May 2020.

She also added that it would be available in the excerpt where her followers could start her fitness routine and workouts. Her app also has sections on diet, fitness, wellbeing, and even relationships.

Holly Sonders is the author of the book Love Life

Kuselias, Erik

Sonders initially met Kuselias while they were both co-hosting the Morning Drive.

Despite Erik’s notoriety for having a poor name, they developed a rapid relationship. They dated for a while before getting married in 2012.

Kuselias was known back then for flirting and having extramarital affairs with the most. Later, it was discovered that Kuselias was already married with three children when he got engaged and married Holly; as a result, the couple divorced in 2016.

According to the sources, Kuselias’ ex-wife conducted an inquiry into him and discovered his nefarious practice of having affairs with numerous of his coworkers, including Holly Sonders.

Sonders had remained silent about their divorce until one of Kuselias’ fans mentioned him in her post on Twitter.

“I filed for divorce over a year ago…we haven’t been together in a very long time,” Holly tweeted at the time. Thanks.” They’d been married for years, and the divorce was finalized quickly, with all details kept hidden from the public eye.

Kingsbury, Kliff

Sonders began dating Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury after filing for divorce, and the news was confirmed on January 9, 2019, when she tweeted about Kliff.

She had congratulated Kliff on his promotion at the time, and she had also added, “He’s the finest.” And we’ve made it through the crush.”

When they first met, Kingsbury was divorced and she was working as a sideline reporter for the Big 12 Games. Unfortunately, their romance was short-lived and came to an abrupt stop.

Dave from Vegas

Since December 2019, Holly Sonders has been dating Dave Oancea, aka Vegas Dave. They first met in a strip club at Crazy Horse while partying their way to Sapphire, another strip club. They announced their engagement not long after their first date.

They were quarantined together in Mexico during the days when COVID 19 was sweeping the globe; hence, they were sharing images of their days during the lockdown in Cabo.

However, Dave returned to his parents after a short time, leaving Sonders alone, and the fans went crazy, implying that the couple had broken up.

Later, on his Instagram account, Vegas addressed the problem, saying, “I’m the greatest in the world at what I do, and I want to stay the best, and that takes sacrifice.”

And if that cost is my relationship, she’ll stick around if it’s meant to be. She wasn’t the one who understood my business ideals if she wasn’t meant to be.”

Some Iconic Moments | Holly Sonders

Interview with Jordan Spieth

Holly had a fantastic opportunity to interview the champion, Jordan Spieth, during the 2015 US Open, which went down the awkward route, which she describes as the “worst day” of her life. She only had time for two questions as a golf channel sportscaster.

He asked him if he had brought an outfit in case there was a Monday playoff, which sparked a conversation.

As a result of the awkward post-interview hug as they parted ways, they had an awkward post-interview hug by the end of the interview.


When you’re on live television or hosting a show, every eye in the room is on you, and even a single tongue slip or missed lead becomes a moment that will live on in perpetuity on the internet.

When I say “everyone who has seen the live screen of Sports knows the moment with Holly Sonders,” I mean everyone who has watched the live screen of Sports.

Let me take you back to the beginning of 2018, when she suffered a terrible tongue slip while hosting the FS1 2018 U.S. Open preview show live. “Sectional qualifying” was mispronounced by Sonders as “sexual qualifying.”

However, she kept her cool and laughed it off, while her co-hosts, Shane Bacon and Brad Faxon, pretended not to notice.

Holly Sonders is a social media expert.

Sonders is a well-known media personality who has a sizable social media following. She is also a friend of Donald Trump, the former President of the United States.

Since 2014, when she took part in an ice bucket challenge while wearing an American flag swimming suit, it’s been evident. She suggested none other than her pal Donald Trump for the job towards the end of the challenge.

In addition to her work in the industry, she has also made in a cameo appearance on an episode of New Girl. It was a Fox sitcom that aired in 2015 and starred actress Zooey Deschanel.

@holly.sonders is her Instagram handle.

@holly sonders is her Twitter username.

Holly Sonders Frequently Asked Questions

Is Holly Sonders a plastic surgery patient?

There have long been speculations that Sonders has had plastic surgery and has had her facial modifications, but Holly herself has never verified the news.

Is the rumor that Holly Sonders wears a denture true?

Yes! Holly Sonders disclosed the statement during an interview on how she knocked out her teeth in second grade and had to wear a denture ever since.

What do you think Holly Sonders’ favorite things are?

According to Holly Sonders, her favorite color is black, her favorite vacation spots are Miami and Hawaii, and her favorite actors and actresses are Tom Cruise and Scarlett Johansson.

What is Holly Sonders’s outfit?

Holly Sonders wears an ensemble that is both stylish and refined. She is the COBRA PUMA GOLF brand ambassador and wears PUMA Golf gear, accessories, and footwear.