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Hollie Strano, 46, has divorced her husband and changed her name.

Hollie Strano, 46, has divorced her husband and changed her name.

Hollie Strano, a meteorologist for WKYC, had her everlasting vows broken.

She divorced her first spouse after two years of marriage and two children. She fell in love again after a failed marriage. But, did this marriage survive forever, or did it, too, crumble? Let’s investigate!

The Cleveland native is best known as the morning program meteorologist for WKYC and the anchor of WKYC’s LIVE on Lakeside.

On weekday mornings, you may see the meteorologist at 4:30 a.m. and the host of LIVE on Lakeside at 11:00 a.m.

In 2005, Cleveland Magazine named her one of the city’s most interesting people.

Age and Birthday of Holly Strano

Hollie Strano, who was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1972, celebrates her birthday on December 3 every year.

The meteorologist grew up in a family of five, including her parents, younger sister Stephanie, and younger brother Mike. Her family is incredibly important to her, and she frequently mentions them in her social media posts.

Strano continued her studies after high school, getting a degree in meteorology at Jesuit Catholic University.

She went on to Mississippi State University following graduation, where she received the National Weather Association Seal, establishing her reputation as a qualified meteorologist.

Salary of WKYC Meteorologist Holly Strano

The effervescent and adorable personality joined NBC-affiliated WKYC TV as an on-air weather reporter shortly after gaining credibility. She had to get up at 1 a.m. for her job at WKYC. Even so, she said it was her favorite part of the day. What a strong woman!

However, she acknowledged that it had left her sleep-deprived, which is why WKYC shifted her show LIVE on Lakeside (LOL) to 11 a.m. to accommodate her rigorous morning schedule.

She hosts her own 90-minute WKYC show, and lives on the Lakeside, in which she tackles various issues affecting Cleveland residents. WKYC meteorologist Michael Estime and additional WKYC colleagues Alexa Lee and Joe Cronauer co-host the show.

The WKYC’s LOL is so popular with viewers that it has earned the right to compete against shows like ABC’s The View and CBS’s The Price Is Right.

As a meteorologist at WKYC, she gets an estimated average pay of $65,453 per year. She also earns a respectable salary as the host of WKYC’s popular show.

The marriage of Holly Strano and her husband ended in divorce.

Hollie was married to Brian Twohig and they had two children, Jessica (2005) and Grady Toohig (2006).

The pair was fortunate with a large family and a nice custom of celebrating Christmas together: Irish supper at Brian’s mother’s house and Italian supper at her father’s place.

Unfortunately, the tradition was broken when the couple divorced in 2011 for undisclosed reasons, putting an end to their marital existence.

Is Holly Strano currently married or single?

She met a particular someone to reaffirm her vows with after her first wedding vows were broken—her second husband, Alex Giangreco.

The couple met while Hollie was on holiday in Florida in 2010 and went on a date to Aruba Beach after exchanging phone numbers at Casablanca.

They married in 2014 after years of dating in a small wedding ceremony in Pompano Beach, Florida. After the marriage, she changed her surname to Giangreco.

On their wedding day, Hollie Strano and her husband Alex exchange kisses on the beach (Photo: Ocean View)

Unfortunately, her vows were also broken this time, and the journalist reverted to the surname Strano. In 2017, she declared her divorce from her second husband on Twitter.

Despite her failed marriages, she has maintained a loving bond with her children, who have been by her side throughout!