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His grandparents disapproved of his parents’ interracial union.

His grandparents disapproved of his parents’ interracial union.

Christopher Reid, one half of the hip hop duo Kid ‘n Play, was a successful rapper, vocalist, actor, and comedian during his prime. However, his adolescence was not as glorious as his adulthood.

Instead, it was filled with the trauma of prejudice he witnessed firsthand through his maternal grandparents.

In an interview with DJ Vlad on September 21, 2020, the famous rapper walked down memory lane and discusses his prejudiced grandparents.

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Christopher Reid is related to his parents and grandparents.

His father was Jamaican, Calvin Reid, and his mother was Irish, Marjorie Wallace.

They were all New York City residents. Despite these advancements, racism persisted in the city, and Wallace’s Irish grandparents disliked black males.

They disapproved of their daughter’s relationship with Calvin, as well as their marriage.

Wallace’s pregnancy with her only child, Reid, only made matters worse. Because she had a child with a black man, her parents disowned her and threw her out of the house.

They severed all ties with her and ceased all communication. Reid became emotional during the tell-all interview as he recalled how his mother stood up for herself and didn’t care about other people.

According to her own statements, she was only concerned with her child and marriage. However, her relationship with Calvin failed, and she left the marriage without hesitation.

After his parents’ divorce, Reid lived in a Greenwich village with his social worker mother and saw his father on the weekends. He recalled having a close relationship with his mother.

At the age of nine, his mother perished in an automobile accident. And it was the first time he had ever met his maternal grandparents.

They attended her funeral but did not make an effort to meet their only grandson. Instead, they took her pension case to court and, surprisingly, prevailed.

Reid stated, with disbelief and resentment, that he had never missed or yearned for his grandparents.He added that they “did not want anything to do with me.”

After his mother’s untimely death, Reid moved in with his father and his Jamaican family.

The comedian described how his initial transition from one household to another induced culture shock. However, he acclimated to the changes over time.

Reid attended Bronx High School of Science and concentrated in English at Lehman College.

Children Of Christopher Reid Are Also Multiracial
The 57-year-old has three children: Cailin and Christina, both daughters, and Cameron, a son.

In the aforementioned interview, the Bronx native extolled about his children and revealed that, like himself, they were of mixed race.

Although the rapper has never mentioned being married or having a wife, he has acknowledged to having children with two baby mamas.

In a separate November 2020 interview with DJ Vlad, Reid disclosed that the mothers of his children were excellent parents. He admitted to having a timely disagreement with them, but revealed that they always put their children first.

According to his accounts, they never excluded him from their lives and performed admirably as mothers.

The multihyphenate credited his baby mamas with rearing their children to be decent individuals. He also disclosed that all of his children were over the age of 20 and capable of serving as leaders.