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Hila Klein, Moses Hacmon’s sister, Talks About His Assault Allegations

Hila Klein, Moses Hacmon’s sister, Talks About His Assault Allegations

Stealing, rape, molestation, and child pornography are all triggers. If you’ve been abused, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline (1-800-656-4673), Victim Connect Live Chat (, or the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline (1-866-331-9474).

As soon as the Trisha Paytas and The Kleins issue seemed to be fading, something new and more terrible emerges. It all started with a feud between Paytas and Ethan Klein over their podcast Frenemies.

Soon after, Paytas’ fiancé, Moses Hacmon, joined the fray by going on a long rant to expose Ethan and Hila Klein. Last week, though, things got even worse when Hacmon’s ex-girlfriend, Daphney, accused him of rape.

Daphney accused Hacmon of stealing and emotionally manipulating her via her Instagram account @ms.mercury. Hacmon attempted to defend himself on Twitter with lengthy posts and screenshots.

Regrettably, it was all for naught. When then, Daphney revealed that Hacmon would leave Paytas after they had a kid together. Hacmon appears to be just with Paytas for the money.

Following the uproar, Paytas posted a series of tweets and videos about the Kleins on September 12, 2021, revealing many disturbing details. Here’s how the story went down.

Trisha Paytas and the Lies She Tells

Paytas accused a Byron, Illinois, teacher, whose name has been suppressed, of attacking them in his middle school class. He was also accused of looking for child pornography at school, according to his accusers.

In the 17th episode of Frenemies, which aired on January 19, 2021, the YouTuber went into depth about their assault.

Paytas stated that their school administrator initially ignored their complaints of abuse, but that the instructor was later arrested for searching the school for child pornography.

A YouTube channel called Mysterious posted a film about Paytas on September 7 that exposed their many lies, including the claims against their old teacher.

There are no records of the man’s arrest, according to Mysterious. In the same way, the teacher died in 2019. However, the video quickly went viral, attracting Ethan’s notice.

As a result, on September 10, 2021, Ethan decided to take down the Frenemies episode. The video had been seen over three million times before it was taken down.

Paytas has faced a lot of backlash on the internet since then. They’ve been chastised for lying on such a severe matter, placing the teacher’s family in jeopardy of being doxed.

Trisha Paytas Have Been Revealed

After Ethan took down the episode, Paytas claimed they began to receive a lot of hostility. As a result, they texted Ethan on their Frenemies group chat, which included Ethan, Hila, and the rest of the production staff.

They initially refused to publish the texts, instead of posting a series of videos on Twitter crying and screaming about their and Hacmon’s condition. They tweeted after a few videos that Ethan had threatened to reveal the texts.

Paytas, on the other hand, did it before Ethan could. They begged the Kleins not to mention them or Hacmon in the manuscripts. People were doxing their mothers and going for their sponsors, according to them.

They admitted in the texts that they misspoke about the teacher without first examining the situation. Paytas rebuked Ethan for advising them on how to deal with their assault when he asked them to give a statement regarding their lying.

Paytas was also concerned about their fiancé, pointing out that Hacmon’s job was in jeopardy as a result of the incident and claims of abuse. They also claimed that the pair were being harassed by r/h3h3productions, a subreddit maintained by Ethan and his crew.

Ethan and Hila’s supporters, according to Paytas, were sending tweets and messages to Hacmon’s employer requesting that he be fired as a result of the rape allegations. Hacmon’s ex-wives were also doxed as part of the procedure.

They attempted to contact Ethan, but it was clear that he did not wish to speak with them. Instead, Paytas discussed Hacmon’s situation and how he could be sued before Hila, Hacmon’s sister intervened.

Daphney is believed by the Kleins.

Paytas’ extensive texts elicited a response from Hila, who stated that they are not the only victims in this circumstance. Hila’s mother was experiencing a nervous breakdown as a result of the claims against Hacmon, and her entire family was breaking down.

More importantly, Hila advised Paytas and Hacmon to accept responsibility for their conduct rather than blaming Kleins for their misfortunes. Paytas claimed blame, to which Hila retorted that they were “a bit late.”

Ethan then inquired of Paytas as to how they knew Hacmon was not guilty. Paytas was taken aback by the question and responded that the Kleins were familiar with him. Ethan, on the other hand, said that he no longer believes Hacmon and now believes the victim.

Paytas argued that Hacmon was not guilty and that the Kleins had no knowledge of the victim. Hila then chimed in, claiming that Paytas was making things difficult for Daphney as well by sending her hatred.

Ethan also accused them of fabricating the story and branded Paytas a hypocrite. He claimed that he owed them nothing and blamed them for the shambles.

Paytas went private on Twitter and Instagram after these tweets and videos, and Ethan published a statement indicating he was taking a week off from podcasting. He said that the brief break was necessary for their mental well-being.

For the sake of himself and Hila, he also requested his fans and followers not to harass anyone. Following this incident, neither Paytas nor Hacmon have made any statements.