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Here Are Five Facts About Paul Stanley’s Wife Erin Sutton

Here Are Five Facts About Paul Stanley’s Wife Erin Sutton

Paul Stanley is best known as the co-founder, co-lead vocalist, and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Kiss. Paul has a long list of noteworthy songs from his time with Kiss, many of which are still popular today. Stanely has toured the world with his bandmates Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer, attracting millions of admirers.

So, since we already know a lot about Paul’s musical abilities, why don’t we dig into his personal life? The singer has been married twice, first for nine years to Pamela Bowen and again since 2005 to Erin Sutton. Erin and Paul have been married for over fifteen years, and we’ve compiled a list of noteworthy facts about her. So, don’t forget to read the entire story to better understand Paul Stanley’s wife Erin Sutton.

Erin met Paul for the first time when he was fifty years old.

Paul, Erin’s future husband, was fifty years old when they first met. Paul has always shown gratitude and humility for the opportunity to meet the love of his life. The two met in a restaurant and clicked right away. They’ve been together since then and are completely devoted to each other. Paul stated that he felt driven to speak with Erin when he first saw her, and their initial attraction has only grown since then. Now that he’s known Erin for almost two decades, the 68-year-devotion old’s for her hasn’t waned one iota.

She Attends Award Ceremonies With Her Husband On A Regular Basis

Erin is frequently spotted attending award shows with her spouse. The couple has been seen together at several events, including the Grammy Awards, the Spirit of Excellence Awards, and the Freedom Awards, to mention a few. On July 7, 2014, the couple was sighted at Ringo’s birthday party at Capitol Records Building in Los Angeles, California. During the visit, Erin took photos with Joyce Varvatos and Loree Rodkin.

Paul Stanley and his wife Erin Sutton have a tight relationship. Instagram/paulstanleylive is the source of this image.

As a result, Erin is always by her husband’s side anytime he needs her, and Paul is the same way. In terms of relationships, the couple has set the bar high, and many young couples should take note.

Her occupation is unknown to the general public.

Even though Paul Stanley’s wife Erin is frequently seen in public, the general public is unaware of her profession. The pair hasn’t said anything about Erin’s work, and Paul hasn’t addressed it in any of his interviews either. Whatever she is doing, she may be assured that she will receive all of her husband’s love and support.

Erin is the mother of three children.

Even though Erin’s occupation is unknown, we know she is a mother of three children. On September 6, 2006, Paul Stanley and his wife Erin welcomed their first child, Colin Michael Stanley, into the world, followed by Sarah Brianna Stanley and Emily Grace Stanley on January 28, 2009, and August 9, 2011, respectively. Erin has been an amazing mother to her three children. She is the stepmother of Paul’s son Evan Shane Stanley, who was born from his previous marriage and her own children.

The Stanley family spends most of their time together and has a strong bond. When Paul needs to be away from his family for work, Erin takes care of all the kids like butter. Erin is a fantastic mother to her children.

Erin Sutton, Paul Stanley’s wife, has a private Instagram account.

Erin, Paul Stanley’s partner, has a private Instagram account. The page is probably only for close friends and family, as it has less than 150 followers. Despite being the wife of one of the most influential rock singers of all time, she appears to value her solitude. Although she is not active on social media, she occasionally appears with her husband. Given the detrimental consequence of having a significant following on social media pages, her decision to remain low-key on these platforms is reasonable.

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