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Having a Tragic Married Life, Brett Raymer and his wife? Bio Contains Every Detail

Having a Tragic Married Life, Brett Raymer and his wife? Bio Contains Every Detail

It appeared to be a typical workday when American reality star Brett Raymer arrived for work on a frigid December morning. The actor, however, had a different idea in mind, and he gave his cast mates and girlfriend a lovely surprise that made an ordinary day into a special occasion.

The Brooklyn native is best known for being a cast member on the Animal Planet reality series Tanked along with his brother-in-law Wayde King. Raymer serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, a business with headquarters in Las Vegas (COO).

Now That’s A Tank: The Tanked team constructs a personalized aquarium for NBA star Anthony Davis complete with his uniform number 23. (Released on December 12, 2017)

In the program, Raymer and his collaborator Wayde King tour the nation either inspecting the aquariums of the most well-known Hollywood figures or building a bespoke tank for them as part of a series.

Age, family, and career details from Brett Raymer’s biography

Raymer was born in Brooklyn, New York, on October 25, 1969. Irwin Raymer, better known as “The General,” is his father and works as the office manager for Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. He has a sister named Heather who is wed to Wayde King, his business partner.

The 49-year-old celebrity continued his schooling at his alma mater, Abraham Lincoln High School. Later, he relocated from Brooklyn to Las Vegas in order to start a tank-building shop and provide for his family.

In 2011, Raymer and Wayde King co-founded Tanked. Raymer is well recognized for his ability to wheel and deal with clients in his role as COO of a tank company.

Shop manager Robert Christlieb and sales coordinator Agnes Wilczynski are additional cast members of the show. The 14th season of the program is now complete, and the 15th is about to premiere.

Additionally, in June 2018, they debuted Tanked: Skimmed, the shortened version of the program. Wealthy individuals estimate Brett Raymer’s net worth to be $6 million.

The previous marriage of Brett Raymer to a Mysterious Wife Ended in Divorce

Raymer, who is 49 years old, was previously married, but his marriage ended in divorce.

Melissa Bradford, the office manager of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, was said to be his wife.

But the fact that he had three children from his marriage has remained an open secret.

He has two boys, Chandler and Bruce, as well as a daughter, Kayla, from his first marriage.

He is a devoted father who enjoys spending free time with his kids.

Raymer, who coached his daughter’s volleyball team, regularly publishes heartwarming updates on his family, whether it be a lazy Sunday with his children or information about his daughter’s high school volleyball team winning an award.

Raymer is committed to spending more time with his family for a cause. His parents chose to separate when the reality star was just 2 years old, therefore he did not have a happy childhood. He wants to dedicate himself to leaving a lasting impression on his children.

He even shared a photo of himself with his parents on Instagram, claiming it was the first time he had ever taken a photo with them both.

He was open about the fact that he was grateful to have both of his parents, even if they weren’t together, and that they had been divorced since he was just 2 years old.

It is admirable that Raymer’s parents were able to reconcile their differences for the benefit of their son.

Raymer has therefore come a long way to establish himself as a fantastic parent to his children, despite the fact that he himself was divorced.

On the sets of “Tanked,” Brett Raymer botched a surprise for his girlfriend.

After his first marriage had a tragic end, he once more fell in love—this time with a coworker.

Raymer and girlfriend Trisha Chamberlain have been together for a while. Donut Mania’s owner Trisha is also the director of sales and digital marketing at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

Dating has been going on since July 2011. Chandler and Dylan, two children from a previous relationship, are raised by Chamberlain.

Raymer tweeted Trisha on their fourth anniversary of dating to tell her how much he loved her and how much he hoped they would spend many more years together.

When Raymer asked Trisha to marry him in December 2017, it appeared like his promise had come true.

At a surprise gathering attended by friends and family on the Tanked series set, he proposed to her.

Despite the fact that the world was made aware of the couple’s engagement, they have resisted getting hitched.

It appears that the reality star is taking his time to tie the knot so that his second marriage doesn’t end like his previous one because they haven’t disclosed the precise date of turning his fiance into a wife.

There have been no confirmed reports of a wedding despite Brett Raymer and Trisha Chamberlain residing together as husband and wife.

The Brett Raymer marriage experience appears to be on hold at the moment.