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Has Nia Long’s position on never getting married changed?

Has Nia Long’s position on never getting married changed?

At the time of this writing, Nia Long and her partner who later became her fiancé had been dating for slightly over ten years. There hasn’t been any word on her marriage despite the fact that her engagement made headlines all over the world.

The actress has, however, spoken candidly about her views on marriage and the significance of that relationship in her life. The best response to the question “Who is Nia Long married to?” is nobody; the NBA player Ime Udoka, with whom she has been engaged for six years, comes in second.

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2015 saw Nia Long’s engagement.

Long garnered media attention in 2015 after her rep contacted a number of publications to confirm that she was engaged to her longtime partner. Even before that, rumors circulated that they would be taking their relationship to the next level.

Before announcing her engagement, Long had proudly worn the brilliant promise on her ring finger for some time.

The couple had been dating since 2010, and just one year later, in 2011, they became parents to a baby boy named Kez. Long is the mother of Massai, another boy from a previous relationship, in addition to Kez.

Nia Long Will Always Love Her Partner

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor most recently made it to Essence’s Yes Girl! podcast in late 2020, when she frankly discussed her views on marriage. It’s safe to say that she won’t be entering the church anytime soon.

Let’s just start with the fact that love is challenging. She reiterated that she had never been married in her entire life and then gave marriage some thought.

Her justification was that she didn’t think being married was the only way to show her significant other how much she cared. She inquired as well,

She continued by saying that she was aware of the religious facets of marriage and was certain they were lovely, magical, and “every girl’s fantasy.” She wasn’t sure, though, if she required such reassurance to believe that her relationship was going well.

Everything Happens in Its Own Time

She acknowledged having some second thoughts about not getting married during the press tour for her film The Best Man Holiday, which was conducted long before her interview with Essence. She spoke.

But she had also discovered the solutions to her skepticism. She explained that if one were to simply let life take its course, relationships, children, and marriage would happen when they were destined to. There was no point in comparing your narrative to someone else’s, in her opinion, because everyone had a unique timeframe for events of this nature.

However, Long said that one must be willing to consider the potential of falling in love and be ready to accept it when it happened. She also realized that everyone required a companion, despite how strongly she felt she could manage on her own.