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Has Mishael Morgan shed some pounds? Her Illness and Her Absence from Y&R

Has Mishael Morgan shed some pounds? Her Illness and Her Absence from Y&R

Mishael Morgan is best known for her appearances as Hilary Curtis and Amanda Sinclair on The Young and the Restless, a CBS daytime drama.

However, in April of this year, the Trinidadian-Canadian actress was absent from the long-running drama for a few episodes, with Karla Mosley filling in for her as Amanda.

Many fans were alarmed by this sight, as they began to wonder why she had vanished and if her absence was permanent. Following the incident, The Young and the Restless executives announced that Mosley was temporarily filling in for Morgan due to his illness.

Illness and Disappearance of Mishael Morgan from the Show

According to the story, the actress had emergency eye surgery in March and had to undergo filming to recover.

Morgan had previously updated her Instagram fans on March 18 about her eye surgery by posting a couple of photographs. Her right eye was bandaged with a bandage in the photos.

Emergency eye surgery was “not fun,” but it was “quite enjoyable” to save her vision and flaunt a new pirate style, the Hometown Holiday actress joked in her caption.

A fan inquired, “Is this why you weren’t on the show?” “I’m delighted to hear you’re doing well! Return to Y&R as soon as possible. We miss you terribly, “another said they missed her on the show in a comment on her page.

Morgan quickly returned to The Young and the Restless, and she has been a regular cast member of the CBS soap series since.

Has Mishael Morgan shed some pounds?

Morgan’s admirers have expressed an interest in knowing about her health in the past when they were concerned that she was ill.

Many wondered if the 35-year-old actress had lost weight before welcoming her second child, a daughter, in 2018. And the fans were correct: she gained weight during her first pregnancy and then lost weight as a result of her “Mommy worry.”

Morgan married Navid Ali in May 2012, and the husband had their first child, a son named Niam, in 2015. Three years later, they welcomed their daughter.

Mishael Morgan’s Prosperous Family

Those who are concerned about Morgan’s health should know that she is currently well and enjoys lovely family life with her husband and two children.

The diva frequently updates her Instagram account with photos of herself and her loved ones. For example, in August of this year, she published a sequence of photos from her son and daughter’s birthday celebrations, both of whom appear to have birthdays in the same month.

Morgan also tweeted a photo from her wedding day on May 26, 2020, to commemorate her and her husband’s wedding anniversary. She praised her “love” for always walking by her in the caption.

Ali’s husband is a Canadian native who works as an occasional actor.

He is most recognized for his role in the 2014 short film Hazara Parkour. He does, however, live a low-key existence and even has a hidden Instagram account.