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Has Louis Partridge ever dated anyone? (Seemingly, yes)

Has Louis Partridge ever dated anyone? (Seemingly, yes)

Enola Holmes made its Netflix premiere in September of last year and starred a number of well-known actors. Sherlock Holmes’ sister Enola was portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things, while Henry Cavill played the great detective in Man of Steel, and Sam Claflin played Mycroft in The Hunger Games.

But the movie also gave viewers their first glimpse of 17-year-old Louis Partridge.

In the Netflix movie, he portrayed Lord Tewkesbury, the subject of Enola’s adoration, and was able to win over a lot of fans. The actor is primarily known for his role in the film with Brown, despite having worked on a few other productions before Enola Holmes.

And as his fame increased, so did people’s curiosity about his romantic life.

Has Louis Partridge ever dated anyone?

Here are some quotes by Patridge about his romantic life.

Louis Partridge is dating who?

The actor seems to be quite private and likes to keep that aspect of his life out of the public eye.

Despite the fact that his social media profiles do not mention whether or not he has a girlfriend, pictures of him and a woman by the name of Lulu Start have been doing the rounds online. In the photos, they appear to be very at ease with one another and seem to enjoy each other’s company.

But the actor himself has yet to confirm this.

He did, however, previously acknowledge having been in a committed relationship. While promoting their film, he and Brown went on “17 Questions,” where his co-star questioned him, “You’ve been heartbroken, Louis?”

The actor admitted that he had previously experienced heartbreak but gave no further details, evidently not wishing to go into further depth. Brown, however, dropped a huge bomb in a different interview with Glamor on October 8 of last year.

To demonstrate their relationship, the two completed a friendship test, expressed their initial views of one another, and offered one other a compliment. The co-stars argued about who put more effort into their friendship during one workout part, with each of them claiming that they did.

Brown finally admitted that she had bought him his girlfriend’s anniversary present since he had forgotten. Patridge then remarked that he had not anticipated Brown to say that before the two switched to a different subject.

Louis Partridge’s Romance on Screen

Fans initially believed Patridge and Brown were involved, but there is no information on who that girlfriend is or whether she and Patridge are even still together.

Fans were persuaded to ship Patridge and Brown because of their fantastic chemistry and charisma in the film. The two became close as they worked on the movie and shared several images of one another on Instagram.

Fans naturally assumed they were dating as a result of this, but sadly, the stars refuted the romance rumors and stated they were only good friends.

Patridge and Brown’s relationship was totally fictional.