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Has Bradley Martyn ever dated anyone? Inside the Dating Life of a Youtuber

Has Bradley Martyn ever dated anyone? Inside the Dating Life of a Youtuber

Bradley Martyn is a fitness expert, physique competitor, and social media icon with a cult-like following. He has one of the best-chiseled bodies with peak human physicality available. He has been in the business for a while and has already built himself a fitness empire.

He founded Origin Supplements, owns the gym Zoo Culture, and created Rawear, a retailer of gear for fitness and lifestyle.

Because of this, many people are likely familiar with him through his well-known YouTube channel. He is well-liked for his videos about his social life, struggles, advice, and physical conditioning.

People want to know who he has in his life as his girlfriend, which is where the most intriguing and speculative questions are raised.

Many people have theories about Martyn’s romantic relationships, and many more have their own theories.

Bradley Martyn: Who is she dating?

It’s usual for folks to be interested in someone’s dating history. Martyn is a typical example of this occurrence. And he was affected by a 2016 tweet that sparked controversy. He and Robin Gallant were said to be having a romantic relationship.

He had to admit on Twitter that he doesn’t even know her, much less dates her, for this reason. When he tweeted that he wanted a partner in November 2017, his single status was once again verified.

A month after the tweet, he released a video alongside Nikki Blackketter titled “We Did What?” to add some spice to the situation.

The focus of the video was their joint podcast, which they had produced.

However, by claiming that Martyn has given some signals about who he’s dating, they left a trail that pointed to the same show. However, a lot of viewers who left comments genuinely supported him and Blackketter.

By June 2018, it appeared that this mysterious lover had vanished from his life. He was shown enhancing his profile with his friend Lauren in the film “She Helps Me With My Dating Profile!”

Martyn stirred up the situation once more two months later with a tweet asking, “Dating Nikki Blackketter?,” along with a link to one of his films.

Despite the fact that the video has now been removed and was presumably one of his numerous clickbait films, the comments managed to ship the two once more.

He pulled performed the same prank on Amanda Cerny in May 2019 using a different deleted footage.

Is he dating Noelle Leyva?

Martyn shared a photo with fitness star Noelle Leyva back in September. They were posing for the camera in Disneyland.

Though many were eager to point out and speculatively suggest that they were an item, some may consider the vibe between the two as platonic.

These concepts quickly developed into a rumor, which they rapidly addressed on the podcast Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk on October 20, 2021.

They explained therein that there is no romantic relationship between them. Leyva is an athlete for Rawear, and Martyn oversees her brand management, therefore their connection is more professional.

These are the explanations he gave for why she also resides in his home. Despite all of this, the man appears to be as happily single as one can be.