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Guy Tang, a hair colorist who is now married, was on the verge of marrying a woman in his twenties.

Guy Tang, a hair colorist who is now married, was on the verge of marrying a woman in his twenties.

Guy Tang, the inventor of groundbreaking hair coloring procedures, is happily married to Almar Guevarra.

Tang, who was once in a relationship with a woman, had some time to embrace his sexuality before marrying Guevarra.

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Accepting His Sexuality After a Past Relationship with a Girl

Tang experienced one identity dilemma while in a long-term romance with a girl with whom he finally got engaged: he was Asian and had to deal with prejudice. He had not, however, come to grips with his sexuality.

The hairstylist confessed that deep down he knew he was different, but the fear of being judged as a barrier.

At the age of 27, a series of events forced him to come to terms with his sexuality; yet, acknowledging he was gay wasn’t easy for him. He also stated that accepting himself after coming out of the closet was difficult for him.

Tang had a fiancée, whom he adored. He described how difficult it was to come out to his then-fiancé in a video posted to his official Facebook account.

He also stated that he missed her because she was also his best friend. He met Guevarra as he was getting over his breakup.

The husband who is always there for you

On social media, Tang is frequently seen gushing about his supporting and great partner.

On the amorous front, Guevarra has been beautifying and comforting Tang’s life for the past 11 years. Tang’s husband is currently a brain cancer research nurse who is working to make the world a better place for people dealing with the disease.

Regardless of his husband’s medical background and skill, the hairstylist claims that Guevarra understands a thing or two about hair, which is Tang’s specialty.

For his selfless love and support, he believes his spouse to be the best husband in the world.

On September 22, 2019, the multi-talented social media star with over 2 million YouTube subscribers shared a photo with a poignant caption. He described his partner as his constant pillar and biggest cheerleader in the description.

Tang has dedicated a song to his hubby, Till I Found You, to honor all that his husband has done for him.

Tang has shared what his husband means to him and how his husband has positively touched his life through the song.