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Growing up, the appearance and makeup of Jazmin Bean were frowned upon.

Growing up, the appearance and makeup of Jazmin Bean were frowned upon.

Jazmin Bean has unconventional aesthetic tastes by conventional standards. The singer and social media celebrity is frequently spotted with a “hybrid creature” appearance.

Bean revealed in a 2019 interview with Vogue that many people criticized their cosmetics in their early years.

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The Influence Behind Bean’s Appearance

Bean revealed that their frequently displayed fantasy-creature aesthetic on Instagram was influenced by drag culture, eerie Filipino folklore handed down from their grandmother, Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock puppets, and Japanese toys.

Their appearance is an expression of their non-binary style through an individual lens, which they spew out after hours of planning and application of makeup.

Additionally, they demonstrated that non-binary does not have a distinct or predetermined appearance. They further stated,

Bean began wearing makeup as a preteen.

During the interview, they stated clearly and eloquently that there was no “neat” way to characterize their style other than to say that they were just a little baddie and themselves. They began the interview without cosmetics so that viewers could see their natural appearance.

As they began explaining their makeup regimen to the outlet, they reminded the audience of how they first entered the world of fantastic makeup. They explained that they began applying their own cosmetics between the ages of eleven and twelve.

Bean’s appearance back then was influenced by their figurines. They were introduced to the realm of drag as they aged. Admittedly, drag did not hold their focus for very long, as they quickly became bored with it. Over time, they drew inspiration from various sources and merged it with their own ideas to create something unique.

Individuals Have Their Opinions

However, their path to self-expression was not straightforward. Bean, who hailed from a religious section of London, had to contend with numerous misunderstandings from those around them. They were accustomed to being gazed at, but the stares they received in their area were noticeably more intense. They further stated,

Many mothers covered their children’s eyes to prevent them from seeing Bean in cosmetics when they went to the market to buy food.

The social media celebrity is fortunate to have a support system that includes their mother, grandmother, and acquaintances. They discussed how it was empowering to be a part of a group of peers who dressed as eccentrically as each other.

Regardless, their style was founded on individual expression rather than conventional mass appeal.