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Greice Santo

Facts of Greice Santo

Full Name: Greice Santo
Birth Date: June 6, 1992
Age: 32 years
Gender: Female
Profession: Actress
Horoscope: Gemini
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We see the Hollywood industry as being filled with ‘Glitz’ and ‘Glamour,’ but beneath the glitz and glamour, only scum inflates in the industry’s ever-increasing popularity. Greice Santo, a Brazilian beauty, is the latest victim of the underworld, after a billionaire named Daryl Katz offered her millions of dollars in exchange for a physical relationship. Greice Santo, star of the film ‘Wild Car,’ held firm in her beliefs and launched a lawsuit against the man, declaring her intention to climb above.

Greice Santo is a well-known Brazilian actress who has been in films such as “Wild Car” (issued in 2015) and “New Girl” (released in 2011). However, the brave and sultry actress rose to prominence after signing on for the CW television drama “Jane the Virgin.” She played Blanca in the show, which was highly received by her fans.

Santo, a Brazilian actress, has been offered a million dollars for her sex!

Every newspaper headline in April 2017 was saturated with stories of Greice Santo, a stunning Brazilian actress, being given millions in exchange for sex by Canadian billionaire Daryl Katz.

Yes, the “Jane the Virgin” actress was out on location for a film at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai when Daryl Katz met her and was immediately charmed. The actress was allegedly persuaded into the hotel room to discuss her Hollywood career, according to the Dailymail.

Santo also claims that Katz and his cousin Michael Gelmon talked for approximately 30 minutes about helping her with her profession so she could support her family, and then Katz made his offer to her. Santo was required to sleep with the billionaire six times each month for a year in exchange for $1.44 million. The actress, on the other hand, quickly refuted him, claiming that she was not a prostitute.

Following the incident, Greice Santo’s husband, Robert RJ Cipriani, filed a lawsuit against Katz for allegedly attacking his wife. Mr Cipriani’s statements were “false, spiteful, and utterly without merit,” according to Katz. Robert Cipriani is a gambler spouse who was banned from all casinos worldwide when witnesses identified him as a key informant in a cocaine syndicate investigation.

Greice Santo, a Brazilian actress, and her husband, Robert RJ Cipriani.

Greice Santo starts the “I met Harvey” website, according to Dailymail!

After becoming a victim of sexual assault on multiple occasions, the star of “Jane the Virgin” started a website called “I met Harvey” in 2017 to help victims of Harvey Weinstein’s assaults.

Following the establishment of the website, several women who had been sexually harassed by Weinstein came forward. And, as a result of Santo’s ongoing allegations against Angelina Jolie and other actresses, Weinstein is currently under investigation by law enforcement authorities such as the NYPD and Scotland Yard.

Greice Santo is a Brazilian model and actress who was born on June 6, 1992, and is currently 25 years old. She is a seductive actress with a well-kept physique and stands at a respectable height of 5 feet and 8 inches. When it comes to her professional and married lives, the actress’ life is an open book, but there is no information on her family in wiki sources.