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Gladys Knight’s husband commemorated their 20th anniversary by sending a subtle message to those who doubted their compatibility.

Gladys Knight’s husband commemorated their 20th anniversary by sending a subtle message to those who doubted their compatibility.

William McDowell posted a sweet photo of his wife, Gladys Knight, smiling on February 14, 2021, along with a message wishing her a good Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Day was the ideal day for the musical pair to commemorate their 20 years of marriage.

He also made a subtle reference to the couple’s 20 years of marriage in the article. The statement appeared to be directed at those who believed and said their relationship wouldn’t last long.

Happy Valentine’s Day #20 in the books and counting, read the caption of the photo. And they predicted that it wouldn’t endure.

After that, the admirers flocked to the comment area to wish the pair well and give them compliments.

“Soulmate love lasts forever,” one fan commented. Another jumped in, saying, “Proved them wrong!!! Haters going to hate. Congratulations to you both.” Still, another added: “Happy Valentine’s to you both.”

The musician, who has a little over 1200 Instagram followers as of this writing, has gotten close to 200 likes and more than 25 comments on the aforementioned post.

The marriage between Knight and McDowell began in 2001, the year they exchanged vows, and since then, the power couple has been enjoying a happy existence as a unit in North Carolina.

Both of them have appreciated, supported, and valued each other’s work, which is apparent in their social media posts as well. In one recent instance, McDowell published a picture of Knight and tagged it, writing, “Just one word. Empress! implying that the musician simply adores his wife on both a personal and professional level.

All things considered, Knight’s union with McDowell is not her first; the Empress of Soul was previously married to three other men.

She has two children, James Newman III and Kenya Newman, from her first marriage to James Newman, whom she married when she was 16 years old in 1960. However, their union only lasted 13 years before they divorced over his alleged drug addiction.

The singer married record producer Barry Hankerson for a second time in 1974. She later gave birth to a son named Shanga Hankerson before calling it quits with him in 1979.

Knight’s continued search for love led her to Les Brown, a motivational speaker, and novelist, with whom she married in 1995; nevertheless, their union lasted just two years before ending in divorce.

It takes a lot to hold someone’s hand after what Knight endured in her love life, and today, Knight and McDowell are commemorating 20 years of marriage. Despite her three unsuccessful marriages, the “If I Were Your Woman” singer chose to get married for the fourth time, this time with McDowell.