Get Information about Rick Steves’ Wiki, Gay Rumors, Family, and Kids Before He Returns to the Road with “Europe Awaits”


The longest-running travel documentary program on the PBS network, Rick Steves’ Europe, made Rick Steves famous. In addition, he has written numerous travel books and conducts a public radio travel program called Travel with Rick Steves.

Steves has been immersed in travel his entire life.

He was so influential that his two adult children continued in his footsteps.

The travel guru’s personal life, including LGBT rumors, a divorce, his children, and his career, is covered in the following paragraphs.

Gay Rumors Grew Following Divorce With Wife

The native of Barstow was wed to Anne Steves.

In 2010, he divorced his wife.

Andy, a boy, and Jackie Steves, a daughter, are the two adult children that Rick and his wife have together.

After his marriage broke up, speculation about his sexual orientation began to spread.

When he talked about gay tourism in Europe on his Facebook page in March 2017, the rumors gained momentum.

It would be wrong to draw the conclusion that he is gay based just on his work. He is after all the proud father of two grown-up kids.

Children of Rick Steves Continue in His Footsteps

Andy, Rick’s son, spent his childhood exploring Europe with his family. He assisted his father in updating travel guides, producing TV shows, and planning tours.

It’s hardly surprising that Andy followed in his father’s travel-related footsteps and displayed a similar level of enthusiasm.

He has now founded Weekend Student Adventures Europe, a company that organizes trips. His travelogue was published in a book named “Andy Steves’ Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget.”

He also hosts a podcast in which he talks with close friends from abroad who work as partners with other travel business owners.

Jackie, Rick’s daughter, shares Rick’s preference for traveling and discovering new places.

made a living from their love of travel

Steves had a love of travel at a young age. Even at the University of Washington, he was a travel instructor for a non-credit program operated by students.

In 1980, he advanced his career by writing the general travel guidebook Europe Through the Back Door. In Edmonds, Washington, he subsequently launched a travel agency and a store that offered piano lessons.

From 1991 through 1998, the travel expert hosted his first television program, Travels in Europe With Rick Steves. Rick Steves’ Europe, which is now well-known, had its premiere in 2000 as his second program. In late 2020, the show completed its eleventh season.

Travel with Rick Steves, his once-a-week public radio program, debuted in 2005 and is still going strong today.

Additionally, he wrote and published a number of travel guides, including Travel as a Political Act and Europe 101: History and Art for Travelers.

Along with publishing books, Steves also owns a travel business that offers affordable family vacations in Europe.

On the website, he puts together excursions with small groups, excellent guides, convenient lodgings, sightseeing, and lifelong experiences. In addition, he offers trip necessities including guidebooks, travel bags, and maps.

encourages fans to take more trips

While watching a Rick Steves television program on PBS may strangely soothe viewers, Rick has found a method to push them outside of their comfort zone.

His book, Travel as a Political Act, has been updated and released in a third edition. It exhorts readers, particularly Americans, to go beyond the usual tourist traps and interact with those they encounter.

He even admitted that many Americans spent their vacations regularly in Las Vegas or Disney theme parks. Then he urged his followers to grow more hungry for reality.

Steves confessed that Americans took the fewest vacation days worldwide and advised them to make the most of their time.

‘Europe Awaits’ by Rick Steves

Sadly, Steves was compelled to stop hosting his events because of COVID. That is a difficult undertaking in and of itself, being the wandering guy he is.

But soon after the major immunization campaigns, he returned with his new program Rick Steves Europe Awaits.

When asked what the new show was about in an interview with Travel & Leisure on June 9, 2021, Steves responded that it was a selection of European locations that he believed were ideal for post-COVID travel.

Places that “take us off the usual route,” he continued, “where we can interact with people, traditional lives, and great food without dealing with a lot of the crowds that just were crippling before COVID hit.”

We wish him success with his upcoming event.

The longest-running travel documentary program on the PBS network, Rick Steves’ Europe, made Rick Steves famous. In addition, he has written numerous travel books and conducts a public radio travel program called Travel with Rick Steves.