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Gary Owen’s son and daughter assisted him in renewing his wedding vows.

Gary Owen’s son and daughter assisted him in renewing his wedding vows.

In the BET network’s family-centric reality show The Gary Owen Show, comedian Gary Owen is usually seen planning on various pranks or surprises with his wife and children. Even if they aren’t included on the show, the famous comedian frequently references them during stand-ups and other events.

There is one anecdote regarding the American actor’s wedding vows renewal with wife Kenya Duke that stands out among the many concerning the family.

This article will cover the events leading up to and following Gary’s renewed wedding vows, as well as his children’s participation in the ceremony.

Gary Owen’s Wife and Three Children Are Frequently Mentioned In Reality-TV

Gary married Kenya Duke, an entrepreneur, and businesswoman, in 2003, and they’ve been together since. Kenya is well-known among Gary Owen’s fervent fans, as the comedian constantly discusses his interracial marriage. The couple has three children: two sons and one girl.

Kenya’s eldest son is from a previous marriage, while the other two are her biological children. Their daughter Kennedy is 18 years old, while their sons’ ages are unclear, though they appear to be adults. The entire Ride Along actor’s family makes up the ensemble of Gary Owen’s BET show, which has the tagline “Half black. Half white. Half hour,” alluding to the mixed family.

Gary and Kenya’s Wedding Was A Disaster

While the couple is content with their marriage, they were dissatisfied with the way their wedding turned out. The ‘Funniest Serviceman in America’ tells how everything went wrong on the wedding day in one of the episodes of the Family Show. The cake was allegedly botched up, the Pastor arrived late, and a quarrel erupted during the reception. Kenya described the wedding as a letdown:

In 2015, they held a vow renewal ceremony.

The couple’s discontent with how their wedding day went in 2003 did not fade with the passage of time, which is why the resolute husband expressed his desire to rectify the situation.

As a result, on December 19, 2015, the pair held a “second wedding” in the form of a vow renewal ceremony, which the reality TV star characterized as “wonderful” in a Facebook post.

Kenya was surprised with a vow renewal ceremony thanks to Gary’s children.

Aside from the vow renewal ceremony, the devoted husband had a surprise in store for his cherished wife. Owen’s kids and daughter assisted the comic with the ceremony’s planning.

The Reality Showrunner even got his son Austin to try on the bridal gown in order to find the perfect fit. Kenya first refused to agree to the vow renewal. However, after witnessing the entire family’s effort and dedication, the mother of three agreed to the ceremony.