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Garrett Watts

Facts of Garrett Watts

Full Name: Garrett Watts
Birth Date: June 15, 1989
Age: 35 years
Gender: Male
Profession: YouTuber
Horoscope: Gemini
EducationUniversity of Los Angeles
SiblingsAndrew (Brother)
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Garrett Watts, a YouTube sensation, has a large number of subscribers on his channel, where he posts amusing videos. Before becoming a YouTuber, he worked as a casting coordinator. Garrett has also appeared in a number of comedy series as a comic actor. On social networking sites, he communicates his pride in his sexuality in a similar way.

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Garrett’s Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?

Garrett’s YouTube account has brought in a sizable sum of money. According to the statistics of his accounts on several social networking sites, Garrett belongs into the grade B category and is ranked 11,766th according to the rating of the site

Similarly, a B grade YouTuber’s monthly expected earnings range from $678 to $10.9K. Garrett most likely earns $5789 each month on average. It demonstrates that his YouTube profits have mostly contributed to his impressive net worth.

Garrett, who is 22 years old, launched his YouTube account in 2012. Insane facts, life hacks, lists, nerdy things, his favorite video games and movies, and other amusing stuff are featured in his videos. Garrett’s YouTube description implies that he enjoys sharing various things with the world.
Garrett worked as a casting coordinator at Nigel Lythgoe Productions for a year in 2011 before starting his YouTube channel. He’s also starred in comedies including Girls Will Be Girls 2012 (2012), Space Station 76 (2014), and Shane (2017).

A Proud Gay Man, Garrett

Garrett is not currently involved in a romantic relationship. On the other hand, he has freely announced on social media that he is a proud gay man. Garrett said on Twitter and Instagram during ‘Homosexual Joy Month’ in June 2017 that being gay does not define him or who he is, but that it has been crucial in establishing who he is as a person, and that he takes pride in that.

He also stated that he is glad to be a gay guy and to be living in reality after so many people dedicated their life to making it a reality for him and the LGBT community. Garnett also expressed his admiration for Alan Turing, a gay computer genius.

Garett made an appearance in YouTuber Shane Dawson’s video in July 2016, where Shane presented Garett as his ex-boyfriend. Shawn revealed that they met on Tinder and grew their connection from there. Despite the fact that Garrett and Shawn are no longer together, they are frequently seen in each other’s YouTube videos as YouTube partners.

Garrett Watts also wished his friend a happy birthday on his birthday, July 19, 2018. He captioned it by saying how much he loved that guy and how grateful he was for him every day. He encouraged his supporters to offer him some love since he deserved it and it was his birthday.

In an Instagram post on August 27, 2018, the YouTuber also revealed his game. In the caption area, he stated that he was confidently dropping $238 on a Willy Wonka slot machine in Vegas while third wheeling.

He went to Vegas with his friends to have a good time. Shane Dawson, a friend of his, uploaded a group photo of them on August 26, 2018, saying the photo was shot just before they lost everything. Despite the fact that they had lost their assets, the joy on their faces continued to spread from east to west.

Biography of Garrett Watts

Garrett Watts was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on June 15, 1989. On his social media pages, he never fails to express his love for his parents. Garrett has a brother called Andrew as well. The 28-year-old stands at a towering 1.93 m (6′ 4″) tall.

Garrett went to Mesa High School and Mesa Community College. According to wiki, he also studied film at the University of Los Angeles in California.