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Former ‘Lucky Dog’ host Brandon McMillan is back with a new YouTube show called ‘I’m Doing Things My Way.’

Former ‘Lucky Dog’ host Brandon McMillan is back with a new YouTube show called ‘I’m Doing Things My Way.’

Brandon McMillan is carving his own path after seven years of hosting Lucky Dog, a reality show based on his love for dogs.

The reality star announced the debut of his YouTube channel in an Instagram post dated April 11, 2021, where he would share more stories of rescue and training. Most importantly, he would go about things his way.

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McMillan is back with more stories to tell.

It’s no surprise that McMillan has a healthy 218+ thousand Instagram followers after seven years of hosting an Emmy-award-winning sitcom. He asked fans to visit his new YouTube account in an attempt to convert those followers into subscribers.

Due to great demand, his description hinted that he was venturing into a new platform, therefore the canine trainer promised that the show will be completely free for the first time.

In his most recent episode, he’s on a mission to save two dogs who have become stuck in the desert.

He previously appeared in an episode in which he taught the D’Amelio Dogs in May 2021.

The Seven-Year Journey Comes to an End

Since the show’s inception in 2013, the fan-favorite dog trainer has been a member of Lucky Dog. McMillan, who saved “unadoptable” dogs from across the country, was the inspiration for the show. The terrified, unwanted animals were then trained and converted into excellent companions.

The show quickly garnered a large following, and it earned its first Emmy in the Outstanding Special Class Series category in 2016. McMillan won another Emmy two years later for Best Host in a Lifestyle Series.

Imagine the fans’ astonishment when the show’s longtime presenter announced his departure on Facebook and Instagram in October 2020, sharing that he was filming his final episode for the series.

His Passion Was Reflected in ‘Lucky Dog.’

From the beginning, his Lucky Dog voyage was detailed in the post. He recalled being approached by a production firm seven years ago, eager to display his love for saving dogs and training them for a cause.

Apollo, the puppy who started it all, was featured in the snap that accompanied these lines. When the creators of Lucky Dog came by, Apollo, who is now a service dog, was training with McMillan.

“They were immediately sold on what I accomplished, and filming began a few months later. We had the time of our lives, “In the caption, he continued.

And Then There Was Hollywood!

The former host admitted that as the show gained in popularity, “huge money” began to flow in. Eventually, the show that started with a good cause turned into a cash cow for the creators.

After 182 episodes, McMillan lost faith in the new direction the show was taking, and the two had a falling out. His remark didn’t stop there. He came to the conclusion that it was not the end, but rather the start of something new.

Since his departure, the show’s eighth season premiered on January 2, 2021, with new hosts Eric Wiese and Rashi Khanna Wiese, a husband and wife combo.