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For several events, Alexa Chung chooses her father as her date.

For several events, Alexa Chung chooses her father as her date.

Alexa Chung is a fashion trailblazer noted for her sense of style. She is well-rounded as a model, novelist, TV presenter, and designer of her own clothing brand. Aside from pursuing her interest in the entertainment world, the fashionista is also close with her family, as evidenced by their attendance at her events.

Not only that, but her father, who is her biggest supporter, has even accompanied her as her date to numerous events. Almost every other post on his Instagram is about his daughter Alexa, according to a quick glance.

Alexa Introduced Her Father to The Duchess Of Cambridge

Phil Chung, Alexa Chung’s father, is quite active on social media and frequently expresses his pride in his daughter’s accomplishments. He even expressed his enthusiasm for her Netflix series Next in Fashion.

Similarly, the fashionista has a unique bond with her grandfather, as evidenced by the fact that she invites him to various events as a date. Alexa accompanied her father to the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition preview party and The Portrait Gala in 2019.

She even accompanied him to the National Portrait Gallery’s fourth annual Gala, where they met Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

In her Instagram stories, she can be seen getting ready for her father’s meeting with the Duchess. He did manage to speak with her, and they talked about children’s paintings, and he recommended she collect all of her children’s paintings because he is a painter himself.

Phil, Alexa’s father, is a three-quarters Chinese man.

Alexa is of mixed race, having been born and reared by an English mother and a Chinese-English father. Phil Chung, her father, is three-quarters Chinese, while Gill Chung is entirely English. Gill is a homemaker, while Phil is a retired graphic designer who does house portraits.

Alexa’s parents’ relationship appears to remain intact, as they have been spotted together at her gigs.

Being the youngest of the siblings, Alexa considers herself a brat.

The 37-year-old model is the youngest of four siblings: two brothers, Jamie and Dom, and a sister, Natalie.

She referred to herself as a brat in an interview with Independent. “I believe it’s fair to say I’m the brat,” she added, referring to herself as the youngest of four children. I’m the one who demanded a pony, was picky about steak and was always looking for attention.”

Alexa’s siblings are all married and have their own children. Dom was a DJ at the ALEXACHUNG Fantastic collection party in 2018. Her brother Jamie is a photographer.

Her family is close to her, as evidenced by their attendance at her gigs, and they even traveled on vacation to Italy together in 2018.

Alexa began her career as a model before pursuing a career as a fashion designer.

Alexa was discovered as a model when she was 16 years old and worked in the industry for four years. She’s been on the pages of Vogue and is the face of brands like Superga and Longchamp.

She then chose to branch out into other professions and began working as a TV host. She went on to broadcast the programmes 8 Out of 10 Cats and Big Brother’s Big Mouth for Channel 4. Alexa also hosted her own show for MTV in the United States, It’s On with Alexa Chung.

She released her first book, ‘It,’ in 2013, in which she reveals her personal inspirations, ideas, and electrifying sense of style. It consists of writings, sketches, and images. She has also worked as a contributing editor for British Vogue and has written for a number of publications.

The fashionista is currently focusing on her own high-end label, Alexa Chung, which she launched in May 2017.