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For more than 20 years, Alex Sensation has been married to his wife.

For more than 20 years, Alex Sensation has been married to his wife.

Particularly among Latinos, Alex Sensation is a well-known name in the music industry. He is employed by the Latino FM La Mega 97.9 and enjoys a sizable following in his native Colombia.

Aside from his career, Alex enjoys a great personal life with his wife and two kids. His family life is visible on Instagram.

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Regarding His Wife And Marriage

For a long time, fans were unaware of Alex’s romantic history due to the absence of media appearances. As social media evolved, a number of images of Alex and the same woman appeared on his Instagram.

Their vacation photos from Florida and Columbia, as well as the captions that showed their love for one another, suggested how close they were. “I appreciate you being here. You understand that I do it out of great love and regret my foolish actions… Love to you, “He added captions to one image.

Right at that moment, a string of anniversary postings from August 3, 2020, revealed their marriage. In another post, Sensation referred to the attractive woman as his “wifey.”

Finally, Dr. Hon Mesa’s wife’s name is Diana, according to a Facebook post he made. The physician introduced the couple as a couple and mentioned that they had attended the annual banquet of the Maestro Cares Foundation.

They’ve been wed for more than 20 years.

After 20 years of marriage, Alex and Diana are still together.

The duration of their marriage was made clear via a flashback photo that Alex posted on Instagram on August 6, 2020. He said that the picture was taken twenty years earlier when he had to work four jobs to support his family.

As can be seen from a plethora of his social media posts, Alex doesn’t hold back when expressing his love for his long-term partner.

He expressed his unconditional love for her in a message commemorating their anniversary. He also said that the most important thing to him was to see her happy.

His Wife Steers Clear of the Camera

Diana is a very enigmatic person who tries to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. She doesn’t use any social media. Having said that, everyone is aware that she was born on January 27.

Her career information and surname name, however, are kept a secret.

Diana doesn’t appear to want to let her renowned husband steal the show.

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Diana and Alex have two children.

The two children Alex and his wife have are both sons.

In February 2021, their elder son will turn 23.

The father of two doesn’t appear to worry that his kids are getting older because he still occasionally spoon-feeds them.

It’s also clear that Alex and his wife like spending time with their kids just as much as they enjoy doing so with one another.

In October 2020, the four-person family enjoyed their weekend in Miami Beach. They live a luxurious lifestyle in their Miami house when they are not on vacation.

Alex owns a number of high-end vehicles, including a Range Rover.

The proceeds from the sales of his songs increase his net worth.

On his own YouTube channel, he has more than 1.3 million subscribers.